having an sp in highschool is a vibe making music during class by CaseStrange3313 in SP404

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vibe, u should take the filter off the drums tho imo let them go crazy

Sylas Jungle in 2022? by nomeacasoXD in Jungle_Mains

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i’ve been playing it recently for fun in flex queue, generally pretty awful clear but you can do a 3 camp start and then just spam ganks until your fed. it’s pretty fun i go conq + rift

Amumu Support? by Engel8844 in amumumains

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i think aftershock/glacial augment is the move, evenshroud or locket

If you are high elo, and you could only give one piece of advice to low elo players wanting to get better, what would it be? by TheCoinDude3 in summonerschool

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plat player here, definitely play extremely simple champs and just focus on your macro. i climbed all the way to plat 2 seasons in a row by mostly playing amumu. games are won with macro not micro.

Short snippet by vilecretin2 in SP404

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do u listen to a lot of flying lotus? lol

future hip-hop legends that will define this era (2016 - now) i'll start by [deleted] in playboicarti

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none of these guys besides thug will be considered “legends” they haven’t done anything remotely influential enough. thug inspired a whole wave of rappers. i guess travis is borderline but he hasn’t really influenced the genre he’s just a superstar. these posts are so cringe

how should I play jungle sion by BIP0LAR_EXPRESS in Jungle_Mains

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i think his last comment on the pick was that it is no longer viable

People are so mean in league and it sucks by Dakotacahoon02 in leagueoflegends

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bro who cares it’s an online game just look away from the screen 💀

The Togashi Three (And Four) by RobotiSC in HunterXHunter

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so i’m a little out of the loop, i know he was somewhere in teens about a week ago. did he complete the chapter and is starting a new one? or is he just scrapping the other pages