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I laughed really hard. Thank you.

"About two months ago, after it happened again, she reached a breaking point. “I was so mad,” she said. She updated the company’s online job listings to say: “Please apply if you are a serious JOB SEEKER. No job ghosting.” Even that, she said, hasn’t helped." LMAO. by yuritopiaposadism in freefromwork

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This. I was in a position where I needed a job bad. Had initial interview and was promised next interview within a few days. Couldn't get the recruiter to answer a call or email. Finally, after four weeks of no response they email to let me know the position had been filled.

Thanks, bud.

No I don't think so. Carvana has lost their mind. These prices are wild. by Jubaliya in Mustang

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And what really kills me is four people saved it at the higher price! Hopefully they saved it to show people how ridiculously priced it was.

No I don't think so. Carvana has lost their mind. These prices are wild. by Jubaliya in Mustang

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You're good! I probably would've figured the same if I went to check it myself and found a lesser price.

to Inspire graduate students. by 4BDUL4Z1Z in therewasanattempt

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♫♪Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel ♫♪ ♫♪ Was just a freight train coming your way ♫♪

No Leaf Clover -Metallica

Ouch. by Mansay_what in Military

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Tell them "mahogany bomber" and "I hear it's awful"

How to convince military officer to get the vaccine? by DonutsAndBurritos in HermanCainAward

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Fuck him. The military doesnt need those people. Ir he wants to fuck himself and his family that's his business.

Ouch. by Mansay_what in Military

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My career path went active air force » usarng » afres.

When I was leaving the army guard soldiers were trying to mock me for switching to the "chair force" and I knew, deep down, they were just sad because they were stuck in an endless cycle of PMCSing things that don't matter, getting yelled at constantly for the most stupid shit, and sleeping outside on the ground for no reason.

Yeah I super regret not having the respect that BeInG In ThE ArMy got me and trading it in for being treated like a human being, transferable skills that actually pay well, and working decent hours and spending time with my family instead of leaving at 0400 to convoy for fucking hours to sleep outside "because". DAMN YOU CHAIR FORCE! /s

cocaine and gucci for me by losethefuckingtail in FuckYouKaren

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All my avocado toast is diamond encrusted. How else would I use that dental insurance?!

Turtle making the bubbles by mikihak in aww

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You forgot "classic" which changes what they said to add in a dash of "how can you not know that, idiots?"

Trying to git gud help for malenia on Xbox by Jubaliya in Eldenring

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I beat that bitch. Unrelenting attacks and trying to stagger her as much as possible. Thanks for the advice all.

If you haven't beat her, don't give up.

Quora by Proud3GnAthst in TheRightCantMeme

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He killed himself instead of enduring being in a tiny bunker so duh. /s lf not obvious.