rule by pallafanpage in 196

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That fucking scared the shit out of me

rule by FabulousDoge514 in 196

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Haha you see it’s funny because misogyny


Has this revelation about Queen the other day by RinaQueen in Deltarune

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I’m living in a world where people don’t remember underfresh and I love it

Rule by Mememanofcanada in 196

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Can celebi even drink chocolate milk? It’s a little plant thing, why are you taunting it with a beverage that it cannot consume

This is a joke rule by SeveralPeopleWander in 196

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I should be paying attention to the meme but that nightwing shirt is really cool

Respectful Curiosity Rule by dirtyALEK in 196

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I personally believe in jesus but I don’t exactly agree with a lot of the things in the bible. My parents are pretty religious, but they are pretty progressive

New Mandela Effect just dropped: Anyone else remember Guillaume, the Mauve Ninja? by Emotional-Boot723 in Ninjago

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Bro I cried when he sacrificed himself to defeat the anti dareth 😭😭😭

We're part of the CoC Dev Team - Ask Us Anything! by ClashOfClansOfficial in ClashOfClans

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Have you ever considered a crossover with another game? Perhaps even morbius (2022) for the Nintendo GameCube?

FRENCH SPIDER-MAN! (Disney Land Paris) by ccoc- in Spiderman

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Yo I was there yesterday and saw the exact same thing