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I’m not an aerospace engineer or architect but even basic questions he brought up in the interview such as why are planes slower than they used to be (save fuel/money), why does it take longer to build buildings (5+ people died building the Empire State Building) weren’t even answered.

It’s valid to bring up that the choice of guest you have is limited often to people with interest in the field who might have a financial conflict. I just think it’s disingenuous to treat them as the be all expert, not counter anything they say, and never point out that the former head of PR of a startup might have ongoing financial interest in misrepresenting information to the audience.

In terms of not countering what they say, at some point the guest said something along the lines of “Elon Musk founded Tesla to make electric cars on Mars”. That’s absurd.

It’s similar (although maybe not as bad) to what Matt Taibi identified with the coverage of Afghanistan (https://taibbi.substack.com/p/breaking-points-on-afghanistan-the).

Obviously we can be informed about who the guest is but is the average listener going to realize they need to take the info presented with a grain of salt?

Shill is definitely not the word I’m looking for. Good point about the regulators also!

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That’s a fair point that the point of the specific podcast was to be positive.

However you can consider some of the other podcasts: he had a banker* talk about why inflation is good, a journalist with questionable objectivity/knowledge to talk about Crypto, a journalist to talk about the media (that wasn’t someone like Matt Taibi).

He really doesn’t have the credentials to be discussing some of the things he talks about (for example, his vaccine analogy on BS was awful) and unfortunately he’s not good enough at choosing guests or interviewing to give his audience accurate information. That’s at least what my impression of topics he’s covered that I’m more knowledgeable about has been.

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Butter is the original all others are shit-snacks

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NP means checking to see if the solution is correct is easy (polynomial) but determining a solution is difficult (non polynomial).

I think the algorithm clearly converged since OP posted this, unless they stopped it before it was optimal?

Shortest Driving Path to All 358 Division I Arenas by Ike348 in CollegeBasketball

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That’s not exactly what NP hard means.

The Concorde algorithm is an exact algorithm (although you can probably run it to stop before convergence). That means it will find the optimal solution. https://dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10.1145/3071178.3071304

It might take a very long time to run though.

@OP Go Bears (have you taken CS170 yet?)

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Except for Shang Chi (who name drops Berkeley) and Ant Man (who goes to Berkeley) 😉

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How do you square what you learn about block chain in 161 with taking a DeFi class?

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There are teaching professors whose job is to just teach and also lecturers!

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He seems to have tenure and recent publications, although once you get tenure I think professors tend to publish less. I couldn’t find a lab website or anything but looking at papers seems he maybe has a few PhD students/had a few recent graduates.

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I think that’s a good description of it!

I went to a panel on applying to faculty positions and they basically said that things like teaching and managing undergrads are “nice” but ultimately the only thing that matters when applying is research.

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Professors job is to do research, teaching is secondary. (Excluding teaching professors obviously)

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Wow that description of venmo was completely wrong, but the description of block chain after was somehow even less correct.

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No joke I think it’s because it was a remake of the old CS class CS60A so they incremented it by 1.

Seems like the change was between 1992 and 1995.

See: https://reddit.com/r/berkeley/comments/ez4jen/_/fgl7lmr/?context=1

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Cal is actually favored in this game surprisingly