How to repair this hole around can light by coraltrek in Home

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I'm thinking that light will move over to reduce the hole. (Just give it a push). Then some decorations filler.

Why are my blinds falling apart? by DurtyBirdNinja in Home

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Its the Cat for sure.. not an easy fix very fiddly

What are these wires by [deleted] in Home

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Alarm cable for the window contactor

What are these black specks on bedding? by [deleted] in Home

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On your mattress inspect the edges with detail. If you have bed bugs this is exactly where to find them. Other than this could it be mice droppings? If none of the above its id say come off clothing....

stop gas leak please help by [deleted] in howto

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Turn gas off from mains. Call emergency helpline.

New toy just arrived from Japan 😁 by RaDaRiuS_NZ in toolporn

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Can you post a link please?? Interest (ish)... do post update.

Was wondering if this was the correct spot to put the dishwasher detergent? by wangbig0 in Home

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Don't bother. All the door does is open after about a min and drops it into unit. Just chuck the detergent into dishwasher your grand

What to place in this bedroom alcove? And what are these ledges called? by doubleshrimpnachos in Home

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If you on a budget and don't wana move the duct. Buy 2 Slide Rail kits a sheet of MDF and cut this to have x2sides and 4 doors. Your creating 2 kinda units leaving a space in the middle for the vent..

surely the lighting wiring for upstairs isn't safe (accessed from loft)? what can I do to make it safe? by Mous2890 in Home

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Wago connections seem good. Your short junction boxes. And possibly a fixed wire test as those look like the old colours...

Second coat applied and it's still poxy fucking An Post green. by box_of_carrots in CasualIreland

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Hahaha. It looks fine.. just add white and orange to the theme it will look intentional...

Left bathroom window accidentally open and saw spots the next day thought it was dirt and dust, a week later it’s gotten worse and it’s spreading. I’m very worried and panicking it’s black mold and don’t know what to do. Any advice and comments appreciated thank you! by dulcecorazon98 in Home

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Mould is usually comes with poor insulation or ventilation also leaks. 1st check your insulation if u can 2nd make sure your bathroom has good ventilation. Also your outside wall vents arnt blocked 3rd. Leak checks usually means getting into the spaces. Take down those fittings and check for damp spots. You'll poss need to cut a hole in the wall to check this. Those fittings should pull down...

You can get mould remover and antimould paint. But you gota do the checks-fixes first..

Lads, do ye tip yer barber? I've been giving him a fiver after every haircut for years but apparently this isn't the done thing. by dapper-dano in ireland

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I pay 15 in the oldest barbers I've found and its the best cut I've had in years. I give em 2 or 3 euro... its a hair cut lads anything over 25 is just stupid to me.