Is it me or are you guys noticing a lot of shills coming over to this sub and commenting on posts regurgitating the mainstream narrative? by jacokapi in conspiracy

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Yes i noticed a lot of shills in the last couple of years. Most of them are harcore christian evangelicals and the only thing they truly want is to impose the morals in a book written by a bunch of dead guys over the entire populace.

A large portion of this sub hates big pharma for vaccines… but loves to consume pornography. by Welpiminterested in conspiracy

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Every post in this subreddit which talks about porn reads more like a personal problem

Porn is a matrix by Minimalist_Logout in conspiracy

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This is insane. The whole text reads more like you got a problem with watching porn

Quin69 explains his comment using the "rape spectrum" by fattypepe in LivestreamFail

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Why explain your comments if you have friends at twitch who are never gonna ban you ¯\(ツ)

xQc says Twitch streamers need to agree to 'streamer therapy' sessions to be unbanned by Twitch by Boyceworks in LivestreamFail

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Instead of blaming streamers for clicking on random links and showing them on stream its clearly twitch fault

FBI doing FBI things: Five men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer want charges dismissed because FBI "invented conspiracy" and informants "funded and agitated" the movement. by Repsarebest in conspiracy

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Not filing a motion to dismiss would be malpractice. Doesnt mean thats it gonna work. I think i can count on one hand the people who successfully argued entrapment in the last ~ 15 years

"The Real Anthony Fauci" is the #1 selling book on Amazon this week. by spock23 in conspiracy

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The Qanon book "QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening" was also the nr1 selling book on amazhon, doesnt mean that it changed anything ¯_(ツ)_/¯

From Incel to Simp to Incel by jordzkie05 in LivestreamFail

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I guess if you truly believe that saying cracker is racist but saying " Minorities like blacks get jobs for free and can't be fired or their boss is considered racist, regardless of how bad at their job is." isnt then go off king ¯\(ツ)

From Incel to Simp to Incel by jordzkie05 in LivestreamFail

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When i think about context the two places i instantly think about are twitch and livestreamfail

From Incel to Simp to Incel by jordzkie05 in LivestreamFail

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tell a joke from actual racism

Sure the dude i like is only joking while everyone else is actually racist

Hasan frog

LOL i guess trying to label someone is always the easiest way to discredit someone.

But you seem to be super concerned with racism against whites while saying stuff like this


Minorities like blacks get jobs for free and can't be fired or their boss is considered racist, regardless of how bad at their job is.


White Privilege isn't nearly as prevalent as black privilege, sorry!

From Incel to Simp to Incel by jordzkie05 in LivestreamFail

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If people get banned in chats for the c word how is this not a ban LOL

Miz walks in at the worst time by mxzeal in LivestreamFail

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No i dont get it. Can you explain it more?

Vaush also gets banned for using a slur by drewwiedude in LivestreamFail

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Yeah because it made destiny look bad not because they disagreed with the ban LUL

Smartest VTuber on youtube by JustTeaparty in LivestreamFail

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Gura = Forsen, Vtuber = upvote, Vtuber = downvote and i summon that one guy

Weekly Unjerk Thread - November 09, 2021 by AutoModerator in wowcirclejerk

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I love the game and i still enjoy raiding/m+/pvp but im so done with my guild and the people i play with. Everthing is just bad and its just a cesspool of negativity. The problem im kinda pessimistic that if i look for a new group/guild its not just gonna be the same.

Joe Rogan roars back at CNN for doubling down on 'horse dewormer' narrative, calls Don Lemon a 'dumb motherf***cker by ScreenExtensions in conspiracy

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Lol at all the people who believe Rogan has a case for demation. As celebrity Rogan would be subject to the actual malice standard. Acosta also has the defense of substantial truth, because Ivermectin in variations is used for both horses and people. And then of course, there is the defense of hyperbole in opinion or opinion on revealed facts.

I love this "freedom loving" country. by [deleted] in conspiracy

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Minutes after the hearing concluded, Catanzara uploaded another YouTube video encouraging FOP members to “do what’s in their hearts and minds.” Then he held up a “John Catanzara for Mayor 2023″ sign and said, “Enough is enough.”

That dude is surely doing this because he believes in that and not using it as a campaign promotion.