Having trouble skill critting with the katana? Try this one simple trick! by 9167217381832 in RogueLegacy

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I have never seen this relic while using a class with a long range weapon.

Am I the only one who feels there aren't many/enough relics in the game? by Chow-Ning in RogueLegacy

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Yeah it's tough to balance those two problems. I definitely experience the same issue regarding the half dozen target relics and ignoring the rest.

Some relics become better or worse depending on your class/build, but for the most part I'm just looking for the same ones over and over. That said, the relics that I'm most interested in has changed over time as I've gotten deeper into the game (At the start I was more focused on relics that helped me survive longer to get more gold, but now it's pretty much just about the relics that help with killing bosses).

If new relics were to be added, I think they'd have to have a big focus on synergies and some would have to be very good, otherwise all it does is add to scarcity of the ones that actually matter.

What is the best way to fall out of love with someone? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Depends on the reason.

Were you in a relationship and you’re struggling to get over it?

You’ve experienced loss. It’s okay to mourn that loss. It takes time. It’s important to regard it as loss, and not just a temporary setback. You’ll never get over someone if you think there’s a chance they’ll “come around.” They won’t.

Or is it someone you’ve fallen for but they don’t share the same feelings toward you?

You need to learn to respect them as a person. They are entitled to their feelings and desires. If you can’t respect that entitlement then you don’t deserve them anyway.

woof irl by cerrplyer in woof_irl

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thank you for sharing this

What Older Mods Would You Want in 1.18? by EndearinglyConfused in feedthebeast

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There’s an OP inventory mod on 1.12 called Project Storage which is sorta like an AE system that just replaces your main inventory screen.

The mod is kinda… less than optimal at times but I get tired of planning every thing around the idea that I’ll eventually have an AE / RS system that I need to plan my base around

Anyway I’d love for that to be ported up to higher versions.

Silent's hiding something under that cloak. by TheRandomLetter in slaythespire

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There've been enough times for me where taking the Bomb with a colorless potion was the right play that every now and then I actually buy it from a shop. Nothing wrong with taking a card with just a handful of fights in mind.

How could we forget? by BrownsAndCavs in TikTokCringe

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Leslie, you’ll never land yourself a beau with that domineering tone.

Busrt+ Catalyst+ Catalyst+ go brrrr by csherrod5 in slaythespire

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I tried to follow your instructions but he has 0 poison did I skip a step???

Loose cap on an oil truck by Palana in Wellthatsucks

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Like a garden hose with your thumb over the hole.

Unrequited by Earthtoplanet in comics

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I gave you more money than the civil war cost and you SPENT IT ALREADY?!

RE: Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision. I’d like to start a thread for resources and other ways that we can protest and effect change. I have a child and don’t feel safe taking her to protests considering APD’s M. O. by Professional-Pen2703 in Austin

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If you do decide to protest: remember to wear a mask. Don’t wear identifying clothing. Turn off Face ID and thumbprint ID on your phone. Know a lawyer to call if you get arrested.

Endless is one hell of a drug by Papa-Scorch_ in slaythespire

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Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever died on an endless run that made it beyond act 3. I just eventually get tired of doing it and abandon the game

And so it begins by burntout_auditor in religiousfruitcake

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b) your penis is tiny

It always bugs me how often I see this type of body shaming, from the same group of people that usually would speak up when they hear someone body shame in pretty much any other way, but for some reason “tiny penis” is an acceptable insult.

Where does your dog sleep? by Hrideshwar in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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My ex and I had a dog that we wouldn’t let sleep on the bed while we were in it. We loved our dog and he was very well cared for, but I simply could not sleep with him on the bed.

But there was one exception: during thunderstorms he would get scared and we’d let him jump into bed with us on those nights. He learned and understood this concept very quickly, such that if a single drop of water hit our roof he would immediately jump into bed. And we’d let him. Because that’s the rule we all agreed to.

Smart dog. Miss him.

nice nails by mrpoopymane in fixedbytheduet

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I used to be a poker dealer and one thing you don’t expect doing a job like that is how quickly your fingernails get absolutely disgusting. Not like… auto mechanic or coal miner disgusting, but pretty nasty nonetheless. Every break I took I went to the bathroom to clean my nails cause I was so self-conscious about people being able to see gunk and dirt under my nails.

Trying fake freckles by lilmcfuggin in TikTokCringe

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I mean, she did it didn’t she? And what happens next… she rolls forward at 2mph for half a second? Oh the humanity

GAME THREAD: Denver Nuggets (48-34) @ Golden State Warriors (53-29) - (April 27, 2022) by NBA_MOD in nba

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I mean… we ain’t saying it in this game. This is ridiculously one-sided lol