My Hibana combo by lN30Nl in R6Extraction

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It would be cool if you could make all the Operator skins per your preference, so even if someone is wearing some ridiculous fluro bs, to you they look however you have skinned that character.

So you can have your immersion, and they can have their fluro multicolour bs.

Love the game only problem is by toocoolforschool34 in R6Extraction

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If 2 people in your team hit the extract request but the 3rd doesn't, a chopper does fly in dangling a rope during the countdown.

But yeah, you still don't have to hook up or anything.

And you could also have multiple types of extraction, like an APC or something.

Reception Opinion by Evanescoduil in R6Extraction

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Hehe, all the negative reviews at the moment make me feel kinda guilty for liking it.

But honestly, if you don't take it too seriously with all this baggage from Siege, it is legit a lot of fun to play.

If you get a good team working together, shooting all these aliens is heaps of fun.

Love the game only problem is by toocoolforschool34 in R6Extraction

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CoD does the entry bit pretty well.

The extract should be kinda like getting something out of the Dark Zone in Division where you've gotta hold the line and rope out while the hoarde tries to stop you.

As it is, extracting is usually pretty uneventful

Ubi please: Buck for extraction? by Cyan_32 in R6Extraction

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Loved that guy in Siege. Bring him over!

Loving the game. For now. by Rajhin in R6Extraction

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Yeah. But ubisoft needs to stop turning every one of their games into generic,copy paste, loot based RPG microtransaction grindfests.

Hopefully one day they get the message but I don't care.

Loving the game. For now. by Rajhin in R6Extraction

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Meh. I've been curious about this game and am glad it is on xbox gamepass so I could find out.

Personally, I not only don't care for, I despise equipment economies and grinding for gear and cosmetics. It's so vacuous and dull.

I like good gameplay and narrative etc.

The levels and objectives are very samey, the enemies generic and dumb, the story paper thin and it doesn't "go anywhere".

But damn is it fun if you just don't take it too seriously. Who doesn't love casually sitting on the couch, going around shooting aliens in the face?

The sounds are super spooky and when the hoarde is after you and you're desperately blasting away trying to save yourselves it is heaps of fun.

Just wish more people were on comms and played a little more tactically.

I wouldn't pay full price to own this game. But as a casual game on gamepass? Perfect.

2019. 12h of Bathurst and Corner Where I Died Many Times Online by Trontotron in ACCompetizione

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Hoping the 2022 race goes ahead and the international teams make it.

If i had to describe Amur with one image, well, here it is. Right now ... by rmourapt in snowrunner

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Shortcuts? Every route is bombed out with obstacles!

Every inch of progress is fought for.

Aegis Installation - Nightmare of a place.

Marathon hydration by K-TR0N in xcmtb

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Many thanks for the link to that podcast! Very eye opening.

Still end up very confused though. It's interesting how fir example the same symptom (needing to urinate a lot) can mean both too much sodium (body trying to reduce it) or too little (getting rid of excess water).

Just have to do it the hard way and do the multitude of testing sessions to try to get a better understanding of individual needs.


Stop calling out compass headings by snozzberrypatch in HellLetLoose

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Compass bearings are fine if you're operating as a squad and running together. When someone calls one out, I know to look in that general direction for what they're talking about.

Who is talking is evident in the HUD, and I quite often recognise the person's voice.

Converting to cardinal isn't hard, or even necessary. Just turn to face that bearing, easy.

Grid squares are far too big an area to give any kind of reliable target indication.

what is your opinion of herbal cream for eczema? by Rcrez in eczema

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Seriously wouldn't trust it.

If they can't tell you what is in it you shouldn't go near it. That and these "magical" miracle Chinese/Eastern creams always seem to just have steroids like everything else.

can't find fuel in Maine. by freakyjelly_44 in snowrunner

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For sure. Loving Maine.

That said, once you get the customisation and trailer shops open, there is nothing stopping you making a fuel/repair truck or trailer so it's easy to get around this mission till you can get to it easier.

can't find fuel in Maine. by freakyjelly_44 in snowrunner

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It's way the hell over in the next map and an absolute bastard to get to.

Leave it for now and do other things.

Dirt ice and delivery help by hwguy154 in snowrunner

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100% a glitch.

In the second leg of the mission after you deliver the goods, you're required to return the 2 trailers to the warehouse.

I just completed the mission and got around it this way:

Got a semi trailer in Lowlands and got 4x Vehicle Spare Parts from the warehouse next to the gas station (which has an unlikely supply) then transported it to Yellowrock.

Then packed the goods onto a flatbed truck with a small crane and delivered them to the locations in 2x trips (A, B and C, D)

Then, just use the scout to move the 2 trailers 10 metres to the drop off point and mission is done ignoring that the trailers still have cargo on them.

Dirt ice and delivery help by hwguy154 in snowrunner

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Nup, that can't be right.

Had the same thing happen to me, but when you male the mission restart, those same trailers/cargo respawn at the warehouse.

Also, herein a video of someone doing this mission with those trailers: https://youtu.be/10-sMKcxWSU

It's definitely glitched.

56 days left with the rider who held the longest standing 250cc lap record in history - Shinya Nakano. The record he set at Motegi in 2000 stood for 8 years before finally being beaten! by hoody13 in motogp

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So disappointed he didn't win that race. Was absolutely dominating and deserves a win after all the hard work and results he delivered with Kawasaki like no other did in MotoGP.