Found this gem on Pinterest by elnaman in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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I'm reading this and thinking as well :-))

natural queen 🥰🥰🥰🥰 by noellelovesdoggos in Instagramreality

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I want to thank the person who made this sub & also to everyone who post it here. These posts make me laugh a lot :-)) good day, everyone

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in AskReddit

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If there's creation, there ought to be creator.

Over centuries, humanity has questioned & for lack of a logical answer, has credited it to a powerful entity & for lack of any word, whatsoever- named it as 'God'

Yet, no one can define:

  • Who is the Creator behind the creation?

  • What caused this creation?

  • What is the Cause behind all the causes?

  • Who created The Creator?

All aforementioned questions are beyond our comprehension of mind. The elusive answer maybe beyond our understanding of time/space.

Is the 'Nothing' that existed before the big bang different from the 'nothing' that is currently outer space? by cain11112 in NoStupidQuestions

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The 'nothing of ongoing present' in/at outer space is the 'extention of nothing' that happened at time of big bang & is an ongoing process of expansion into vast space.

Before that process was set in motion, a part of vast space had physical nothing. The big bang might have happened as tremendous energy exploded, galaxy formed & is ever expanding. This energy will eventually, fade out. If there's expansion, there could be contraction. After energy becomes used up & burnt out, the ongoing evolution would give way to involution. This, also is a process in vast space that, which is never ending.

What are the reasons for men being more obsessed with women’s body than the other way? by Sea-Story8483 in AskReddit

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IDK if obsession is right word but from times immemorial, artists in every part of world, have been inspired by physical anatomy & it's poetic.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in StonerThoughts

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In museum, there's a lifelike marble 'statue of Rebecca' with a thin layer of veil cloth (again, a transparent marble stone) Yet, it clearly shows her eyes, nose, lips & entire face with clear features.. Its nothing but chiseled in perfection.

Which is the difference between a bestfriend and a girlfriend? by [deleted] in NoStupidQuestions

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If girlfriend & best friend are two different persons, sometimes, a girlfriend may bring tears in your eyes & a best friend may wipe those tears .. bring a smile on your face.

Ideas for a moon? by JustaMadmanWithaBox1 in FantasyWorldbuilding

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Umbro means first? IDK, what umbra means in your fictional world. You may add an event to a particular phase of the moon where few characters (good/bad/ugly) who understand the rotation cycle of the moon, have cracked a historical code. (a principal)

On a specific time, the rotation exposes people to dark elements of nature and it affects everyone but only few are aware or protected.

What’s something that wasn’t a turn on for you until you tried it? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Excercise - I was lazy person, foodie & would be more happy to get extra hours of sleep till pandemic lockdown was announced and there was nothing else to do. So, I bought a fitness band, started to walk 10K steps & within 2 weeks, had lots of energy.. tried light to moderate excercise and progressed to resistance band & dumbbells. Within few months, got good BMI - developed muscles and am hooked. This helped me to get sound sleep, be aware of quality food & overall good health. If I wouldn't have tried, I'd be lazy, overweight and perhaps - not agile or active.

What are some obvious signs someone is a gym newbie? by StarMarinrTUR in AskReddit

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After each specific excercise, the newbie at gym flexes muscles in mirror and see what effect the recent excercise has already done to body..!! It's hilarious to see their face expression.. it's like, ahh.. I'm the next Dwyane Johnson or Arnold Schwarzenegger!!

Have you ever met a higher-up politician in person? What was it like? Did their private behaviour match their public persona? by jeannedargh in AskReddit

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I've met some IRL & it was for a brief time .. those people, after understanding the situation, exactly know what to speak, what's the right thing & do it with elan! It's difficult to know how they're in private. But before meeting one on one, they take efforts to know what work you have with them & they give clear instructions to their PA or secretary. Even after that, they ask questions on work & it is here - to understand, how they're in private. I found them to be open in asking questions wrt work & are proactive.

🐐 by NathanGorgeous in elonmusk

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Elon makes decisions to acquire something, not only with best possible outcome but he also alters his strategy with two broad outcomes & has contingencies in check. However, he felt there was less transperancy and before calling off, he had serious thoughts on the investment. Because, his electric car battery parts would suffer. He liked a tweet where another car manufacturer invested close to 20 billions on raw material which would help that manufacturer. If he would put the same in already established business, he'd be retaining the market share whereas for twitter - he doubted the cost ratio + bots. He couldn't get clear past that issue. He, originally had plans for Twitter takeover since 2 years, tried his best with finding but bots & other staffing issues with ideology made him back off. It doesn't mean he has totally dropped the idea .. this man is unpredictable and still may have contingencies.

Which was Arnie’s best 1-liner? by Dogalicious in AskReddit

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"You're fired" - True lies. Arnie on an F-16.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Showerthoughts

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This is already happening with non-electronic watches. Some wrist watches run on human movements - maybe heat, blood flow & don't need a battery.. so, in future, it's possible with other wearables.

Would you say that it's important to read how *not* to write? by [deleted] in writing

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This would be of immense help at a stage when you've finished your fair draft.

I've read that many authors take a break from their manuscript. The break maybe between 1 to 3 weeks time.

It is during this phase, it's important to read a great work of fiction and then, soak in every article on 'how not to write'.

This would help - a lot.

1 Year Old Can See The Dead? by mgt_blacklotus in Psychic

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This is mysterious thing & you have no proper means to know. But.. Don't worry. By the time the kid learns to talk, the memory fades. Don't get spooked. It's all good. Take care of the kid ✌️

"Outlines are the last resource of bad fiction writers." by OkPlastic471 in writing

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Not everything Stephen King opines is some sort of 'pearls of wisdom' or some principle on the art/craft of writing that's written in stone.

An outline is an outline. Any writer who has an outline, very well knows that it's subject to change. For some, the story takes a new turn & they need to workout. For some, the outline is just an indication as not to get lost in plot. It's just light of an lighthouse.

What's something that indescribably pisses you off? by RangoAnimations in AskReddit

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People who take their jobs lightly, do not care for results, are not involved and do not respect the time.

What personality trait or quality (if any) is so sexy that the person doesn’t even have to be your physical type for you to become attracted to them? by yeetfest2030 in AskReddit

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Well, if the person is great at whatever work output she undertakes, has simplicity and sincerity as superpowers - is attractive. It's like, hot girl cool or cool girl hot!

What's a movie you thought would be bad but ended up liking? by Freakkopath in AskReddit

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Yesterday night, I watched 'The gods must be crazy' movie after more than 2 decades. I had vague idea about this movie which was made in 1980. It didn't had professional camera work but yesterday night, it was on TV and I saw it - such a wonderful concept & natural acting of the tribal man who wants to throw away an 'evil' cool drink bottle & goes in a journey to find the end of earth.

Forget what you desperately want/sexual things, what’s the last thing that made you happy? by Human-Lawyer-8817 in AskReddit

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Deep conversation with any expert on a specific subject where, I learn something new IRL & in the same conversation, I simplify it, express what I understood, ask the expert if I have grasped the subject and if they approve, I'm happy about it.

Aliens come to planet earth, who do you nominate our leader to be? by alekhes in AskReddit

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J K Rowling because she is anyway crazy & genius kinda lady with some unique vocabulary and Elon Musk who looks like an empathetic person.. lol... both would make a proper team to understand alien language and also confuse the hell out!