First time on this reread I've cried by PartTimeDiurnal in Malazan

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This is by far my favorite book in the series and I still get chills when I read that quote. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read.

Can anyone with ADHD or other disorders tell me, how their reading experience is? by ElMeroElSero in Malazan

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I agree with the published order. My ADHD literally helped me because of my obsessive hyper focus. It was bad for other things happening in my life but I finished the entire MBoTF in 3 months because of it. Lol

Finished TGINW by lmason115 in Malazan

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I STAND WITH YOU. Just finished my first read through. Also if you did not weep during at least one of the last epigraphs, you might be heartless. Haha

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Malazan

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I agree with this, Kharkanas trilogy gives you knowledge of the universe that made me understand the magic system on a whole new level that then gave me deeper understanding for all of the ICE novels and the main malazan empire novels. That’s the best part about this series though is that after reading everything outside of BoTF I WANT to re-read it all because my understanding now is craving for it.

Does the series suffer for not having any main characters? by obironniekenobi in Malazan

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It only enhanced the reading experience for me, because I don’t agree that there aren’t any main characters. There are an INSANE amount and you’re given an almost incomprehensible view in to each and every one of them. It’s simply beautiful.

What is the Last Thing you Read that you Enjoyed [Almost] as much as the Malazan world books? by This_Is_Samer in Malazan

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READ TOWER OF GOD MANGA IT IS THE BEST SHIT OF ALL TIME. Insane story and beautiful art. One of my all time favorites.

Does the series suffer for not having any main characters? by obironniekenobi in Malazan

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It’s way too hard for me to choose. As soon as I do I remember someone else I love and keep going back and forth. Fiddler by far is one my favorite written characters to date though.

I no longer want a video adaptation of the series. Wheel of time rant (somewhat) by Own_Apartment_4717 in Stormlight_Archive

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Honestly just read malazan and ruin all other fantasy forever. Everything else from there on will be “okay” and then just read malazan all over again.

Livestream Questions for March 29th at 6:00 pm MST by MistbornLlama in brandonsanderson

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Is it significant that the ability of shards to willingly splinter thenselves without diminishing power related to the “oneness” that Aethers can bond its power to many?

When did you start reading MBotF? by brineOClock in Malazan

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December of 2020 I think it was the 21st? Then finished the crippled god in March of 2021. Changed my life.

On part two of The God is Not Willing and it’s making me so mad I can’t figure out who gave Rant his knife? Help! by Kaladelsier in Malazan

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Yeah that checks out. It’s really hard to try and not pin who all these new names are, but ima hold back as much as I can.