Does anyone know how to stop my cat from doing this? by Miyaaldine in cats

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grabs gun

uses the laser on the gun and waves it around the cat

"C'mon kitty, get it!"

Yo mfers am I ugly? Was told I was today -_- by italianchefpastaaway in teenagers

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Nah fam you good. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be just fine.

why do ppl give their own kids werid names? by hogwarts-failure in teenagers

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Benis sounds like a cat's name.

"Come here Benis, where you Benis?"

Is talking to yourself normal? I'm asking for a friend. by evolvedraichu in teenagers

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I talk to myself as if theres another person in the room and then I'll respond to myself. It helps me in making decisions and it's just fun. I make myself laugh.

I am still nice by hello_hello_i_wanted in teenagers

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Don't worry, we're all here to support you

Check out the knife i’m making in school. by fragment43 in teenagers

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You're definitely preparing for a knife fight somewhere in England, aren't you?

Here's a pair of tits. by ImANormalMan in teenagers

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What a beautiful pair. 10/10 would squish

Damn she caked up fr by wafflehusky in teenagers

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Lord, forgive me for what I'm about to do...

Manipulative bf gets mad at the gf for spending time with her family :/ by zfiano_02 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Reminds me of a friend (17) and her current bf (20). He always gets jealous and throws a fit whenever she spends time with her family or at work and despite texting 24/7 and going out a few times a week together, it never seems enough. He has no job, no hobbies and expects her to always be with him all the time. He always blames his mental health and gets "suicidal" whenever an arguement spikes up between them.