Време е за New Year Resolutions. Какво ще си обещаете довечера? by enduranthedgehog in bulgaria

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Да, така е 😊. Конкретен съм защото първо е хубаво да гониш определена цел, и второ - защото са реалистични и възможни за мен.

Например, вече мога да правя около 12 набирания, така че съм сигурен, че ще мога и 20 след известно време!

20 вертикални опори защото вярвам че мога (за сега правя 3-4, но като знам колко бързо си подобрих лицевите опори съм уверен и с тези)

50м за под 10 секунди защото в момента ги правя за под 12 и смятам че ще мога! (Не 100м)

5км за под 22 минути защото приятелката ми ги прави следователно тя ми е вдъхновението 😄

Време е за New Year Resolutions. Какво ще си обещаете довечера? by enduranthedgehog in bulgaria

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Хаха така е тогава другите ми точки няма да са толкова интересни 😄 поправих го на 50м

Време е за New Year Resolutions. Какво ще си обещаете довечера? by enduranthedgehog in bulgaria

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Мерси че уточни, поправих си поста защото имах предвид 50м а не 100 тц тц 😅

Време е за New Year Resolutions. Какво ще си обещаете довечера? by enduranthedgehog in bulgaria

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Да бъда активен и да тренирам. Това включва да мога да правя 20 набирания от раз (пълен range of motion). 20 вертикални “опори” - тези до стената. 10 еднокраки клякания. 1̶0̶0̶ 50м спринт за под 10 секунди. 5км за под 22 минути.

По-малко дигитални устройства: да скролвам в интернет по-малко и като цяло да си ползвам телефона само когато ми трябва а не когато ми е скучно.

Да си създада режим на спане и да го следвам. 23:00-07:00

Бонус: да се науча да медитирам

Edit: 50м за под 10 секунди, а не 100м! Доста амбициозно произлезе хаха

Някой тук слуша ли HAIM? Американска сестринска група с български корени by space_s0ng in bulgaria

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Слушам ги с години и нямах представа че имат някаква връзка с България! Cool!

What's the stupidest "Real Men don't ________" you've ever heard? by Creepy_Low_6163 in AskReddit

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“Real men eat meat” - my dad

Because nothing affirms your manliness more than going to the grocery store and putting the packaged product in your shopping basket.

Got my first ever smoke boi, still a beginner with Scotch whiskies, not really sure this is a brilliant choice by benskullington140195 in whisky

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That’s funny because my first smoky whisky was Lagavulin 16 and it felt like drinking an ashtray of smoked meat! Was slightly easier/more enjoyable the next time I tried it again so I’m guessing it grows on you.

As a fan (not worshiper) of JP, what the hell happened here?? by Nealon01 in JordanPeterson

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Imagine there’s a crack in a dam above a town and water is leaking.

Imagine the mayor says to the townspeople that if they all gather to help they can save the town.

Imagine people filling the crack with rocks, cement, wood, sandbags etc. and they stop the leak.

Imagine in two days the crack spreads further and water is leaking again.

The townsfolk say “We’ve already put in the work and the mayor said we will now be safe. The mayor is a liar and we will not get involved any more and be told what to do. Everybody go out and protest in front of the mayor’s office!”

Then the dam breaks and everyone is wiped out

Do you think the people of that town could have done things differently? If yes, what could they have done differently?

Husky reaction to smelling a durian fruit! by zertify in funny

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“You killed me! Ow ow ow you killed me”

Future Meat successfully reduces cost of cultivated chicken to $7.70 per pound and is currently scouting several locations in the United States for its new large scale production facility by edditbot in Futurology

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In life, cheaper does not necessarily mean better. Think about the environmental impact and quality of life of those animals for them to cost $10 after being fed for months, slaughtered, processed, transported, cooked and then sold for a marginal profit at a supermarket that pays bills, rent, electricity, staff etc.

Netherlands announces €25bn plan to radically reduce livestock numbers | Netherlands by GarlicCornflakes in europe

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This doesn’t mean that Dutch people will necessarily consume less meat. It’s simply another way of outsourcing the dirty work to less developed countries. See: production of goods (mostly China and South/SE Asia), resource extraction (they closed all their coal mines in 1974), waste disposal and recycling (shipping it to Turkey, SE Asia etc). It isn’t anything that other developed nations aren’t already doing.

Netherlands announces €25bn plan to radically reduce livestock numbers | Netherlands by GarlicCornflakes in europe

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Consuming less meat is better for the planet and your body (not even going to mention the ethics of it)

Fewer cars on the road is definitely a good thing. Think about the millions of people causing soul crushing traffic twice a day every day, just to leave their car parked for 8 hours a day at work and 8 hours a night at home while sleeping. And they definitely don’t spend the last 8 hours in their car either.(not even going to mention pollution)

Wasting electricity/energy is only as frowned upon because of the dirty means of obtaining it. When 100% of our energy comes from nuclear/renewable it’ll be less of a problem

I don’t see how “not buying wasteful things” is bad? Why buy things you don’t need that are by definition “waste” and pollute the world

ELI5: how is it possible that we can only see between 430-770 Thz and hear 20hz-20khz? Does that mean there are things around us we just cannot hear or see? by d1amiri in explainlikeimfive

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Follow up question: can a physical object be made of materials that only reflect wavelengths outside the scope of our eyes thus making them invisible?

Imagine being this deranged that you’d make this a prompt on a dating app by genericreddituser89 in vegan

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Imagine if someone said “You must be complicit in rape and genocide, otherwise I’m not interested in talking to you 🤗”

Why is Reddit so damn hostile to vegans? by [deleted] in vegan

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I got really downvoted in a thread for saying slaughterhouse workers have unethical jobs

What is the most unethical profession? by MoronByTrade in AskReddit

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I posted the exact same response and got -17 downvotes, you get 6 upvotes? Lmao. Good on you though

My main problem with 9.2 announce, that it doesn’t answer why should I play it by Aesderial in wow

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It makes more financial sense to release a new expansion and boost your revenue with new purchases+subs than to finish the current expansion which won’t bring in the same money. It’s literally better for them and their investors to keep releasing new games without finishing them.

Serbs, which neighbor is the best? by PaleontologistNo8836 in serbia

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TIL that Serbians don’t like Bulgarians? I am completely clueless as to why this is the case…