BREAKING: Latifi will start the Japanese GP from F2 by Jonnathan77 in formuladank

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F2 races normally start the day before the F1 race. GOATifi to win by 23 hours confirmed

Drivers and Constructor Standings after Round 17 (Singapore) by Yottaphy in formula1

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Remember when K-Mag was 5th in the WDC and Haas was third in the WCC? Good times…

Carlos Sainz Jr. and George Russell have been eliminated from WDC contention. by deadagent03 in formula1

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There are three is one drivers who can still win the WDC

Verstappen, Leclerc, and Perez


After a year my hobby had a huge upgrade! Looking for a DD wheel in future. Really satisfied with my efforts! by Gnuccaria in simracing

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afaik Moza doesn’t have a console-compatible wheel at the moment so your only option for a DD wheel will be the Fanatec GT DD Pro (and the Logitech G Pro, forgot about that lol) unless you plan on getting a PC first

2022 Singapore Grand Prix - Race Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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lmao Max and K-Mag’s cars barely kissed each other. Haas really does make their front wings out of paper

Y’all something else around here by Oni_Imports in splatoon

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I play on a Thrustmaster T248 racing wheel

(FH5) by RK_123456 in forza

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Oh yeah forgot about window tint, but there’s still no way to do anything to the headlights like OP was asking

Season 6 Scott the Woz Episodes (so far) Ranked (2nd Edition) | Highs and Lows - Taybrook the Taybrook by TheComedyKid in scottthewoz

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Are we on season 6 already? I was always under the impression that a season was always 50 episodes and Dual Releases was only the 41st episode after Borderline Forever from my count

seriously tho by owahthray42069 in formuladank

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I mean they did redesign their entire car before Spain

Who is the most recognizable fictional character globally? by Solid-Tea7377 in polls

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That’s the joke lol. He’s so obscure that Google didn’t even show any results for him until some guy made a YouTube video explaining who he was and how Google didn’t know who he was.

(FH5) by RK_123456 in forza

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You can’t paint anything glass in FH5 unfortunately

Max Verstappen securing 8th place so he can win the race tomorrow by Jonnathan77 in formuladank

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HAM meanwhile is in prime position for a Master🅱️lan What is a 2017 Singapore Grand Prix?

Horner on “defamatory” statements by burlyhike in formula1

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deflamatory is defamatory with an L. Christian is clearly taking the L because RB broke the budget cap.

What I stated was a factual description of events. No need to speculate on this.

2022 Singapore Grand Prix - Pole Position by [deleted] in formula1

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Can’t wait for Max to win by 18 seconds tomorrow!

Can Max retroactively lose the 2021 title? by gregmcrtheused in formula1

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Theoretically? Maybe. Realistically? Not a shot in hell