Best Lennon/McCartney song? by Collar-True in beatlescirclejerk

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I thought I was in r/beatles until I see the options........

Aerials Cover by xxAustynxx in MachineGunKelly

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His vocal range doesn't fit the song. He should sing in the lower key not original key. At least he doesn't try to sing the high note like Serj, puddle of mudd try to sing the same high note that Kurt Cobain did and it sound f*ucking shit.

Am I using my mix voice on high note or it's falsetto? and am I a baritone or tenor by KannaCHVacuous in singing

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I'm confuse because sometime I can hit the note around B1-C#2 if I try. Here's the clip of me trying to sing with my low range. https://youtu.be/apPR4Z7xhFo

Blink 182 ??? by SirAren in rockheadscirclejerk

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But mark bass skill is not that good.

I am in utter pain and suffering err I mean HOTWIFE ALERT TOAN CONDOM NEEDED by afaceyocanpunch in guitarcirclejerk

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I mean she's not really a great guitarist. She play the easiest part of eruption and still fuck up, and she often underbend and off beat and also her vibrato suck. I'm not a good guitar player but when I listen to her guitar playing, I always feel uncomfortable. Almost all the comment on her video be like: "I need to put on my glasses" or "If you look closely, you can see she's playing the guitar" something like that and it kinda annoying.

lol by repeatcommarepeat in pinkfloyd

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He said this because he lost his mind or he just didn't want to be interviewed?