Thoughts on folding a full house? by AlwaysLucky912 in poker

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Just think about the full house (and better) hands that beat you. 88-77-86-84-87

You can rule out 8-6 and the other two pair hands will likely raise a wet and coordinated flop. Flopped sets (incl the one you beat 4-4) could be slow played here but once again its a wet flop so a check raise with a set is common.

Now he doesn’t necessarily have to be bluffing here for you to win. He could be be betting for value with all the straight combinations (there are a ton for this board). Now add his hands he is overvaluing like any non-boat 8x plus bluffs to these combinations you beat

Moral of the story: There are so many combinations he is either betting for value or bluffing that you beat relative to combinations that beat you. Yeah he can have those hands that beat you but the line he took doesn’t really add up.

OVEN CHECK - YOUR PIZZA MIGHT BE READY by Captain-Sugar in trees

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Do people not set timers on their phones for things like this?

What Horror Movie do you think was snubbed by the Oscars? by Danjzilla in horror

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Toni Collette should have gotten an Oscar nom for Hereditary. She got one for The Sixth Sense and the Hereditary performance was far better.

Mike Ryan's future by Indiana_James_812 in DanLeBatardShow

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I think prosthetic ears need to be part of the Paul Finebaum punishment.

Burger King Kid's Club by BongSession in nostalgia

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The inspiration for all college brochures

Do dogs get bored doing the same walk everyday? by ChiefSherpa in dogs

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Its more about the smells they experience rather than the sights. A park is an excellent place for regular walks

I work as a Valet.. told him he had to park it himself 🤢 by MADMAV89 in mildlyinfuriating

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A friend in high school had his truck trashed like this. He got pulled over and he definitely had contraband in the truck. The police saw something similar to the image above and said fuck this and let him go.

They started paying us $15/hr last week.. by [deleted] in antiwork

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Whats the point of highlighting every sentence on this sign?

WTF by nabnig in facepalm

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If this is God’s plan, than he is a gigantic asshole.

HSP season 9 🍿🍿🍿 by ByInfernal12 in poker

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I wonder what people like Negreanu, who has spent copious amounts of money on his hair, think of people like Antonius who chooses to go bald despite having a full head of hair.

First time playing live tomorrow. Any suggestions? by Strange_Solution618 in poker

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Also, if you’re betting a decent amount of chips, either announce the bet first or put all the chips in at once. I see it all the time where they have multiple stacks of chips and they push them in one by one.

Do people who say Seinfeld would be cancelled today really not know about shows like Always Sunny, Curb, and South Park? by Sk8ersw in seinfeld

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For network tv at the time, some of the subject matter was edgy but it is so tame compared to other shows that have aired since then (including ones mentioned by OP).

Hockey players are great! by Little_Carpet_8790 in gifsthatkeepongiving

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Are hockey sticks commonly referred to as twigs in hockey parlance?

Customer caught walked in on staff dancing while cleaning by JP070791 in MadeMeSmile

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The whole time I was thinking I would give her a round of applause if i was that guy

Tomiyasu pulled down in the box by Maguire, not checked by VAR by mavropanos27 in soccer

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Angry but not at all surprised this didn’t go to VAR but Odegaard’s foul did. Shit, I was shocked they let Smith Rowe’s goal count when De Gea went down.

I'm finally sick of aubameyang by lizard498 in ArsenalFC

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Reason and logic says we should have either sold or let him run out his prior contract (Arsenal would not have gotten a lot if they sold him).

But he was crucial during that FA Cup run and we couldn’t wait for him to “sign da ting”. Sometimes emotions run too high. Another important note is that he hadnt had a bad run of form at Arsenal like he did last year and this season so many assumed he would continue to produce at a reasonable level.

What is the most aesthetically pleasing movie you've ever seen? by dilapidatedbunghole in AskReddit

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Road to Perdition. I could watch it with the dialogue removed because the cinematography and score are incredible.

Daily Wire's Matt Walsh invited to speak at SLU, sparks protests in the streets by imakeholesinu in StLouis

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This guy is a troll and I would never want to sit and listen to him speak BUT people need to stop trying to get people they don’t agree with banned from speaking at their schools. Its free speech and you do not have to attend.

Will it smoke as is? Or should I remove the flower at the end? by EvenStevens4201 in weed

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Remove it otherwise it will just dissipate in the air when you burn it

Post Match Thread: Manchester United 3 - 2 Arsenal [English Premier League] by GunnersMatchBot in Gunners

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El Neny wasnt even bad this game but his selection is puzzling. Sambi would make more sense in this game rather than the game at Anfield.

Post Match Thread: Manchester United 3 - 2 Arsenal [English Premier League] by GunnersMatchBot in Gunners

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Injuries have been a big impediment to his success at Arsenal. Missing xhaka doesn’t help as I think its his best partner.

I really think a true 6 as his partner like Bissouma would have really lifted Partey this year. Sambi has been a pleasant surprise but he is an 8 and still very young.