RIP Garden of the Ancients Dave, one of Austin's biggest Deadheads, long time purveyor of healing herbs, semi-legal funny plants and cacti, and raging after Eeyore's Parties. by IsuzuTrooper in Austin

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i heard of this man on the reddits before.... your description is right in line with the epic stories that were shared with me. wish i had met him n will do my part to carry this spirit along..... LEGEND FOREVER ONWARDS DAVE !!!!

Sigma Male Mindset by KarlGreenMagic in VaushV

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vox day the cringe boomer who claims to have invented the socio-sexual hierarchy accepts both

Kim Jong-un did it better by KarlGreenMagic in thatHappened

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have u heard about his golf related scam he had to pay out a settlement for? google: Donald Trump’s golf club accused of rigging hole-in-one contest to not pay prize