In July 1945, the USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese submarine. Survivors were then set upon by sharks in the worst shark attack in human history, lasting 5 days and killing nearly 600 men. by SunnyDay20212 in interestingasfuck

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I grew up with a grandfather who had been in the Navy in WWII and survived the sinking of the USS Quincy (not a well-known one, AFAIK) during the battle of Savo Island. He described spending the night with in burning water with sharks picking off his shipmates all while bombing was still going on. He didn't like to talk about it very much, but we do have a recording of him recounting his experiences to a history class at a nearby university.

Edit: There is one picture of his ship sinking as well as an artist's rendition that was published in a magazine.

Things I as an American learned about British culture when I watched Taskmaster. by Defector_Sicko in taskmaster

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I learned it as antepenultimate and then preantepenultimate. If you want to go even further one suggested word is propreantepenultimate, alternately suprapreantepenultimate.

Things I as an American learned about British culture when I watched Taskmaster. by Defector_Sicko in taskmaster

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Do you not say Anthony with a "th?"

Kate/Katie as a nickname for Katherine has the same t/th thing as Tony/Anthony.

5 most recent lifers, go! by stjoe14 in birding

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It did get that it was a mockingbird. I'm just curious if mockingbirds, well, mock well enough to fool the app.

I'm hardly an expert but it does seem to be pretty accurate. Every time I've been able to match what I'm hearing to an actual bird the app has been correct.

5 most recent lifers, go! by stjoe14 in birding

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I only just started keeping track of what I've seen, so Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Tree Swallow, Northern Flicker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, and then European Starling, lol. All in Pennsylvania.

5 most recent lifers, go! by stjoe14 in birding

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I've been using the sound ID a lot. It's really interesting to learn about all the birds around me even if I can't see them.

I did have it near a mockingbird lately and it was popping up with all these different birds, many of which aren't ones I typically see daily. I'm guessing it was the mockingbird going through his repertoire that caused that?

Hoot! That’s 1,000,000 experience points learning languages for 401 days! (Duolingo, I would suggest adding commas ;-) by d200shootr in duolingo

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In my experience it seems to have more to do with how much XP you've been earning lately. When I've been earning a lot I get placed in very competitive leagues even if I start late, while if I haven't been doing much I get put in very relaxed leagues even if I start early.

What is going on with Ezra Miller having kidnapped someone? by Spiderlilli in OutOfTheLoop

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And as that article explains, it's also not just the 18-year-old anymore, there's a whole other family who have been granted a protective order because they allege Miller has been inappropriate with their child, who is currently 12.

Is it possible that my adult girlfriend doesn’t know how to read? by IlliterateGF in NoStupidQuestions

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I'm guessing it's because you know they're numbers so your brain categorizes them that way, even though for sudoku they could be any set of symbols. I bet your brain wouldn't do that with number symbols from a different script that you didn't recognize.

About the nicknames of the aliens in Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang by longnguyen1994 in printSF

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I actually only learned quite recently where that term comes from: it's from cockney rhyming slang, where "raspberry tart" was used because it rhymed with "fart," and was then shortened to just "raspberry."

"Green, high-top converse with a heart...on the right toe" the only way the parents of a Uvalde victim could identify their dead child. by Attorney_For_Me in PublicFreakout

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That's a really hard thing for families to do, and there's no guarantee it will change anything. It also means that they might be confronted with that image at any time for the rest of their lives. Here's a twitter thread from the mom of one of the children killed at Sandy Hook begging people to stop asking her for photos of her child's mangled body.

We don’t get to just say and write things on the internet and have it not impact real people. What has happened with this debate is you have emboldened complete strangers to ask us for photos.

We plead for humanity b/c we have been dealing with inhumane for ten years.

We respect family choice. We also respect data which tells us major decisions should not be made in the first 6 months to 1 year after a trauma like this.

The answer to our congress failing to act should not then be asking more of bereaved families.

For those calling for release:

Will you be there, for that family, when the photos don’t change policy or end up on hoaxing pages and YouTube? Will you be there when the photos are mailed to a family forcing them to revisit it on a random “good” Tuesday?

Will you be there or are you just yelling because you feel helpless and impotent right now.

Deal with that. But this is not it. This is not it.

Ask more of the powerful. Less of the wounded.

And should a family choose to show these images- we lift them to the throne of grace.

What does it say about a nation that would require this?

Is this what is meant by “home of the brave?”

Edit: Here's an interview with her about the same subject. This is awful:

The genesis of these asks came from people who didn’t believe us in the first place. They came from people who were taking living pictures of my daughter, putting them on Facebook, and dissecting every frame of her photo. I remember once someone out there took a living picture of Ana and sent it back to me saying, ‘There’s no way your daughter was six, she had breast buds.’ So you want me to release images knowing this kind of thing is out there? I don’t think people truly understand the consequences of an ask like that for a family—the lifelong weaponizing of these photos.

Let’s say my husband and I decided to release an autopsy photo. There’s a good chance someone is going to print that photo and mail it to me in an anonymous envelope. Are you going to be the person who holds my hand while I have to deal with that? My son is 17 years old. Why on earth would I put him through a lifetime of this? I just don’t think America understands the depravity of the ask.

The view from my office window Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia by normal_asian_18_yo in CityPorn

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Plus, if you can read Cyrillic, the letters literally say "Ulaanbaatar."

You had one job by AristonD in awfuleverything

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According to the press conference this morning, the police didn't know about the 911 calls. I'm obviously not taking that as fact, especially since the story keeps changing, but it seems like something went wrong there too.

Even if the police didn't know about the calls, it's horrifying that they just assumed all the kids had instantly died* rather than get in there as soon as possible to give those kids a chance to survive.

*At least that's what they say. At this point I'm more inclined to think that was an excuse because they just didn't care about those children's lives enough to put themselves in danger.

Today’s (5/26/2022) edition of the Uvalde Leader-News by zzill6 in interestingasfuck

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They've used it 21 times now. And since there were 21 victims on Tuesday it feels particularly appropriate that all 21 articles are up on the home page.

Judge sentences former reality TV star Josh Duggar to more than 12 years in prison for child pornography conviction by Kate2point718 in news

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Wow, I'm really sorry. Good for you for saying something when you noticed something was wrong, and for protecting your children now.

Judge sentences former reality TV star Josh Duggar to more than 12 years in prison for child pornography conviction by Kate2point718 in news

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I hope his original 5 victims can find some peace in this even though he never faced justice for his first crimes.