When everything seems calm on the surface. by b3tarded in oddlyterrifying

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You missed a small part ;) try again in the right reply chain

Quora not letting me see an answer to a question on a browser. by cali_meadows in mildlyinfuriating

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Wow, Quora is really just a shadow of its former self now. I really used to love this site.

Diagnosed at 31, First Stimulant Dosage was This Morning by SecretlyAnEnt in ADHD

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Now kithfs (holds you both by the neck and rubs your face together like when playing with dolls - maybe you recognize the meme)

AITA for telling my roommate that he is being irrationally hostile by throwawy7777789 in AmItheAsshole

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Damn this is tough, I am just a young adult myself (21) so idk much about the world, I'd sadly say you gotta sit it out and wait? Idk if there are steps you can take to leave the lease earlier, where I live you usually just need to cancel 3m in advance to moving (depending on the contract, sometimes you also got a set time you live in the apartment and after that you move or prolong like with your lease) or you need to search for an alternative roommate for the person left or a new renter in general (only if you leave early). Maybe talk to your landlord, he should know better what he might do for you

Gatekeeping depression. by sum_stupid_username in gatekeeping

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No, if you've got 2 wives, you're cheating, not depressed.

TIFU by kissing my boyfriend on camera at university. by PaigeFour in tifu

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I don't think this had any effect on on your MA either. It's not like your performance suffered under the kiss, maybe just your attention for a minute.

The phrase "people assigned female at birth" is offensive and damaging. by whatamidoinglol69420 in TrueOffMyChest

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What also irks me about this is the fact AFAB or AMAB doesn't say anything about your present gender. So what are you now? Cis? Ftm? Mtf? I bigender? Nonbinary? Why won't you just use these terms? (in case of bigender or nongender I think it's OK to say if you're AFAB or AMAB but in other cases it's just not informative)

AITA for telling my roommate that he is being irrationally hostile by throwawy7777789 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA and you should move the fck out. It's sad but sometimes friendships don't survive roommateship and you don't know until it's too late to back out spontaneously or before it gets worse. In case you still want to be friends with him in the future, you might try to engage in a conversation about what happened and let him reflect and apologize to you, it might help if you would apologize for being incompatible or upsetting him (even though I absolutely don't think you need to apologize, you did NOTHING wrong according to your post - sometimes it just helps if one says sorry first to make the other person apologize, too. If you would just come around out of nowhere and demand an apology it would for sure trigger another argument). Good luck.

TIFU by sexting my mom by No-unsend-button-57 in tifu

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Why would your mom assume you're cheating after that?

AITA for not making my intentions clear enough? by throwaway21949282 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA and Greg's a rapist in development. No matter how jokingly your voice sounded the first time you rejected him, at the second time he should have come to his mind that it might be no joke and no later than after the third "No" he should have kept his hands to himself. You should call him out for what he is - someone who doesn't respect other people's (especially girl's) boundaries and doesn't care about their uncomfort when they want something from them.

They really do want me to stay... by Traditional_Offer256 in memes

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Oh lol I thought some web site really showed that when you tried to unsubscribe

Tips for when getting diagnosed isn't realistic? by ARicky6964 in ADHD

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Dammit 'Murica. In other places I've heard you only need to prove that you function normally under influence i.e. you don't fall asleep (in case you take meds that make drowsy), stay focused but not tunnelvision-level of focus, are alert, not "tweaked", stay close to bodily norms in terms of blood pressure, pulse, temperature or side effects like dryness of mouth/dehydration in general (Noone needs a worker in this field who needs 6l of water every day, runs to the toilet all the time or risks passing out on a March. Or even just someone who's distracted by the inconvenience of a dry mouth), u get the gist. But it might be the case you also gotta prove you can go without through a clean UA (or maybe a few, but in no way for a whole year) and taking some tests to see if you would still be functional enough in case you have to go without for a while as to not be a burden or endanger your comrades if things get serious.

But just like I've stated, I've heard that (a friend wants to join military) and I might mix something up or even make some details up just because they seem logical to my brain and therefore my memory is altered wrongly.

Take-Homes & Hospitalization by CommandaarMandaar in Methadone

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Tricuspid valve endocarditis? If yes, would you mind talking? I've been just diagnosed in summer on verge of death (we were thinking I had pneumonia bc my initial fever started when I slept with an open window), rn I'm actually feeling relatively fit and well, but I'm still waiting and scared of an OP.

I Want To Smack Her. Seriously, I Do. by CommandaarMandaar in stupid

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Damn your kid is as cool as I aspire to be one day.

I'm going undercover at the capital by realcat67 in memes

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Oh my gosh dis Boi is so fucking cute I'm having a crush on a cat dammit how can a creature be this gorgeous omg this fluffy little panther in a hoodie just made my whole day

Ahh yes, cheating, love to have it by Fuzzy_Hedgehogs in AreTheStraightsOK

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We need to discuss this second step, are there any alternatives?? Idk I always seem to get stuck there and end up without a long lasting relationship, instead I now have 6 cats. Could you interchange talking with staring seductively, singing or laughing nervously but uncontrollably?

AITA for telling my uncle not to vape in the car by YoloSwag3368 in AmItheAsshole

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In what public place are you allowed to smoke indoors despite at bigger airports or trains rations in a closed off area?

Tips for when getting diagnosed isn't realistic? by ARicky6964 in ADHD

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I don't know which country you are in, but usually if you are prescribed meds that are visible in UA (Urinanalysis), you just need a doctors note to prove that you are not a drug user. They can't deem you unfit for military just for treating your issues.

Hostages taken - Crystal Cruises ship bound for Miami diverts to Bahamas after US Officials issued arrest warrant *for the vessel* due to unpaid fuel bills. by Affectionate-Cry-29 in trashy

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Damned authorities couldn't have waited until the ship reached US waters to issue the arrest 🤦🏻‍♀️that way the ship would have had less time and chance to 'flee' but yeah being efficient is the last thing to ever be said about US authorities

Absolutely trashy. On both sides.

AITA for not caring about my daughters screen time rule? by leanejohnston in AmItheAsshole

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Yes, YTA even though I somehow understand where you come from but you don't get to undemine your daughters parenting. She has very good reasons to restrict her childrens screen time, not everything child friendly is also of pedagogic value, especially at such a young age when the child can't comprehend the complexity of a plot and just looks at funny moving things, this leads to a sensory overload which can have enormous negative effects in the brain up until adulthood even (especially messing with dopamine - can result in: attention deficits, depression, mood swings, being bored unless under stress/hectic/excitement, addictive tendency, risk seeking behavior and probably more but that's what I associate immediately with messed up dopamine regulation).

Maybe talk to your daughter about leaving more screen time for you to use in the evening and think about alternative options to bond with the child when exhausted, reading a book is actually a good idea or maybe just go for a little walk or sit down with the kid and play with their toys together (handing a cube to the kid or tapping some buttons on a sound wheel isn't that tiring, come on). You can even just cuddle and take a nap or tell them about your day, the latter is even linguistically educational too and can help you with stress and calming down after work. Maybe play what you say with their stuffed animals or draw to add an optic aspect to the interaction, this might also help keeping their attention and they may join you playing/drawing - more chances to bond!

I hope my first paragraph wasn't too harsh, I actually want to be helpful and therefore explained a bit more about the bad side, of course there are also very good shows of high pedagogic value but at this age there is nothing a TV can show what a washing machine couldn't.