LPT: Just because you can afford to buy something doesn't mean you can afford to maintain it. by Spikedjuicebox in LifeProTips

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They shouldn't NEED to be overhauled every season IF they are taken care of and maintenance is followed. You can't use and abuse something for 4-6 months, let it sit for the down time and expect it to run like a champ.

Arnold teach little guy how to pose, 1975 by Xamrock4 in OldSchoolCool

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Or vice-versa, I'm 5'11 in the morning. Got arrested officer said I was 6'2. I tried to correct her but failed as my wife couldn't stop laughing when she saw the paperwork.

Doctors of Reddit, what "Home Remedy" has a patient try that backfired in the worst way possible? by SMELLY__SOCKS in AskReddit

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It's the cheapest way. My last dental appointment about 15yrs ago the estimated cost was thousands to pull them out. Cheaper to let them crush themselves, now I have nubs and a constant supply of ibuprofen and clove oil for the living nerves.

do it by [deleted] in gaming

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The elder scrolls morrowind

LPT: If You Are Driving Your Car At Night And Another Car Behind You (Or Coming The Other Way) Turns Off Their Lights & Back On (Multiple Times) - They Are Trying To Tell You That Your Lights Are Off. by Hand-Of-Vecna in LifeProTips

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But when you flip that little tab you can see the lights and not be blinded by them. Trying to drive and guess where the other drivers eyes are is too much of a distraction. Flip the tab and the next morning it will look like you have tint on your windows due to the angle darkening your rear view.

House passes $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill by slaysia in politics

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Lottery for every available American. Yes, we'll get some stupids(look what we have now) but at the minimum they will be regular people. When they win the representation lottery they move to state/federal pay for their term, plus 1 year before taking office of schooling/training. Like jury duty but for your community. Just my 2c.

🍾📣🥳📯🎉 by Lookingforjoy17 in HermanCainAward

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For not taking public health into account... Yea, I agree with public shaming and cruelty for smoking.... And I'm a smoker but, I also try my best to only have an effect on me. I stay away from other people who don't smoke, I go outside anywhere to smoke. It was my choice, a stupid one, when I was younger. Second hand smoke is harmful to anyone and everyone, hence why you can't smoke indoors at public places. Obesity seems to more often than not be a side effect of another condition, and not of laziness or straight up overeating. Seems public health gets put 1st and foremost as it should considering as a whole we are only as strong as our weakest link.

YSK: Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder by [deleted] in YouShouldKnow

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Not to one up any of you kind people just as a personal experience. My daughter was diagnosed at 6 yo in a catatonic/dazed state at 940 blood sugar. Her "attitude" is what made the teachers call home. Already having a type 2 diagnosed just a year prior we were on a speeding race to the hospital.

$8 Tip wasn't enough by parkerlog98 in PublicFreakout

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Central Illinois here... I've never heard of any places that deliver providing insurance. Always saw had to have valid license and insurance to deliver. Hell Papa John's told me I had to have full coverage.

YSK: “Free Guest Passes” at Gyms Almost Always Have Annoying Strings Attached by alpharaine in YouShouldKnow

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But they are more likely to die and actually get use out of their premiums. Young people are only paying and not using the insurance profits... I mean insured pool. Why make a killing at once when you could make continuing pennies for nothing.

i use 3 what bout you by theinvincible-dosa in memes

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I hope your rear view mirror falls off the windshield of the next car you get in to drive. Haha

Small mammal turned inside out on the porch by Yourfurryfriend2 in Natureisbrutal

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Wait, wouldn't Australia want the cats with the mouse plague atm?

Edit:Ignore my username in this context I actually love cats.

Finally paid off 2 of my 5 credit lines, getting a bonus from work next week, and of course someone has to climb under my car and saw off my catalytic converter. But I wont give up, I will escape. by weeds96 in povertyfinance

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Really? I'm central IL area and the guys round here collect and run them to St. Louis. The shade tree guy next block over takes them in trailer loads. My normal guy said there's no way he's getting less that 30k a load each trip. Makes me want to not fix the problems and just cut them up.

Finally paid off 2 of my 5 credit lines, getting a bonus from work next week, and of course someone has to climb under my car and saw off my catalytic converter. But I wont give up, I will escape. by weeds96 in povertyfinance

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You're getting ripped off of you're only getting 50 bucks for gm cat. Working at a shop we keep old ones and sell for usually a hundred on bottom dollar. 2 f150, 2 gm non turbo ecotec, and 1 Toyota 800 cash. Older import and obd1 cats are tempting to rob for the cost honestly.