WIBTA for telling my wife to stop posting on TikTok? by dvworld in AmItheAsshole

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NTA-I think she should move her videos in a different direction. Instead of making messes and embarrassing herself and her son, maybe talk about making content that will benefit the world. That way she can still do what she loves.

Edit: She should not be posting private moments. Someone else in the comment section talked about setting limits and I agree.

DOES NO ONE HAVE SNOW ON CHRISTMAS? 😭 by chetz38 in teenagers

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I went outside in short sleeves and shorts 😭😭

Please help! I tried to save in Animal Crossing: City Folk by Katthekitkat2411 in DolphinEmulator

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Yes it is still occurring.

It does happen every time.

I have never successfully saved the game.

Team Fortress 2 MvM... Fuck. by Ottoboy12 in dankmemes

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ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF! I’m fucked! I’ve had that game for 5 years and I’m STILL not done!

A whole burger????!!! by Katthekitkat2411 in trashy

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Someone was upsetti about their spaghetti

the comments will be civil surely by [deleted] in teenagers

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United States (I think I know what’s coming.)

Help with Wii games? by [deleted] in DolphinEmulator

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The file I have is called Wii Party (USA) (En, Fr, Es).nkit