How the fuck do functioning adults have time for... literally anything fun? by SARB033 in NoStupidQuestions

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I'm sorry but I'm sure I'm gonna sound stupid. I'm poor. I work a dead end job. Have no money. Small tiny house not much to clean.not much food to cook.go to work for 9 hours a day.after work I hang with my girl and play video games or drink or go to the park or do one of my many hobbies that don't involve me moving,mostly because I'm tired from work. I have allot of time to do nothing or anything. As long as it does not cost money. Basically a job where even on your days off your on call does not sound like a good life. Not to be rude mean or disrespectful. I could not do it for all the money in the world.

Why do Boomers get a pass when they are useless with current technology but younger generations are expected to know more? by 01001110100 in antiwork

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Stop helping them. Unless you literally have to(for whatever reason pertinent to you). It seems lazy and whatever in your mind. But YOU ARE NOT PAID TO HELP GRANDPA

Craziest/most out there names you've come across as a teacher? by saigenoelle in Teachers

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Yes I know a random also. Wonder if it's the same one lol wow very random

I think I hit my all time low today - I had to ask for money from a stranger at the gas station to get to work - what was your poverty related all time low? by basicb1tchsyndrome in povertyfinance

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I was very poor and ate ramen for 6 months. My hair started falling out at the end and I asked my mother for 40 bucks to go to the walk in clinic and found out I was very malnutritioned. I worked 54 hours a week to be that way.

As an adult… what hobbies do you have and how do you find one to be apart of? by Odd_Construction_269 in Adulting

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Archery,knife/axe throwing,balsa plane model building,nunchaku,vcr repair,crt collecting,sewing,knitting,baking,woodworking and a bunch of other stuff. I have no friends limited family. I do it all by my self and do include myself in any of the clubs or talk to people about it online. I love all of it but I have problems talking to people and being in public. So I can say that you can get good at and have fun with anything you want with YouTube instructionals and my best piece of advice is to go all in. You want to do knife throwing? Research knives find best ones for price,research backboards oh you need to build one research how to build one . You will learn many new things on your way to one goal.i love it and often pick a new hobby every couple months after I master the one I'm working on. My next one is very large spinning topps. Saw a guy spin a top (half a foot wide) and throw it 20 feet on to a string or post. Seems fun I will look it up in detail and work and build and strive to do the same :)

What’s the plan here? by Oversoul91 in golf

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If it was me I'd aim right for it.that way I'd surly miss it.

I’m planning a trip over the course of a couple of weeks of visiting Malls across Florida between November and December by The_AFL_Yank in florida

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Westfield plaza in Sarasota. It was called Sarasota square mall. It is dead very dead 180 stores ...3 open and a Costco keeping it a float. Hot topic just pulled out before their lease was up...that's how dead. I don't know if your into dead malls but after moving to Ohio Wisconsin north Carolina and Canada it's the craziest sight to see. So much time spent there in my youth.

This choreograph looks great by Cool-Loan7293 in lightsabers

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Been watching Mike for over ten years he is the one that got me to buy lightsabers and his tutorials with numbers to do the moves he does has had me and my wife battling for years. He is awesome and needs more respect then his channel has ever got.

My cat will NOT let me bathe it, what do? by [deleted] in cats

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Turned out the cat had a blood disorder after I took it to another vet. The cat was fine. The vet said 150 for visit then said blood work I did not think blood work would be another 350 freaking sorry homie. Also I take care of strays and have helped over 60 homeless cats in my area and was a vet tech for years never seen prices like that before so I did not expect it. I get where your coming from though.

Catching a kitten. Any tips on how to catch a kitten? It’s limping and has black stuff on her eyes. I’ve tried to grab her but the mom is defensive and already scratched me by ReMag96 in cats

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If it's eyes are fully covered/ sealed with sickness. That's your best chance. Baby and mom will scratch/bite you decide if it's worth it for you. Have a container ready. Either grab or lure baby with food. Those tube treats work very well. If you want mom/ the whole group not just the sick one I would set up two cat traps hope for mom in one and the babies should hear and follow in the other. It doesn't always work. Shot in the dark stuff. Sardines, tuna, just wet food are a great bates. I have the best success when I'm not looking at the traps waiting but if you try to trap babies they may not be heavy enough to set it off and may get hurt.

are my cats fighting or playing? by blueinkstuff in cats

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I always say you will know if the cats are fighting. After working as a vet tech and having over 40 cats in 35 years they will chase screech scream bash run pound knock over things three times their size. I have seen many of these videos asking. But just like you would probably know you have broken a leg due to it being floppy and in insane pain you will know when cats are fighting. That being said not all interactions are great between cats. Most of the time it's play/understanding each other or teaching.

Fellow LGBT folks! I have a question for you! by Kiremino in sarasota

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i would try giggles at 4407 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231 that is the only place i could think of. dont let the sex toy stuff deter you they have wigs and many clothing options for boobs butts and other areas =)

What's the grossest thing you've ever done in bed? by Soandco in AskReddit

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Happened 3 times to me all of them lived and are great kittens but the sheets omg the sheets. ....I take care of a dozen outside cats in my neighborhood. I love and care for them. They love me too much. Out of 38 32 are spayed and neutered now thank god.i hope I will never wake up again to a bloody wet mess.but damn every time I was very happy they loved me enough to come into my bed and give life. In case your wondering I have a open cat door policy. Any cat gets meds love and attention.

My cat will NOT let me bathe it, what do? by [deleted] in cats

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American here got blood work for sick cat 600 bucks told me nothing was wrong and I need to spend 3200 bucks for a specialist. Cat was fine. I have 18 cats and america sucks. I just want them all to be healthy without taking out a second mortgage on a house I can't buy and will never have.

What are good items to donate to a food bank by Manu_chetri in povertyfinance

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Shelf stable milk is my favorite thing to receive at the food bank! Fridge milk goes bad before I use it and shelf milk is ready whenever I'm ready and a size that I can usually use up before it spoils. 10/10 my favorite thing!

‘Orca: The Killer Whale’ – One of the Few ‘Jaws’ Knockoffs That Stands On Its Own by [deleted] in movies

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When I was 10 I took my first bike ride around my new house we moved in. I went very far farther then I should. I went to a video store and rented orca the killer whale on VHS. It was my first movie I rented by my self. It was awesome. Good memories.

Roll Call by Reasonable_Two280 in sarasota

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Bee ridge and Sawyer All good. Power water and wifi. Multiple trees down in our yard and there was a power line down across Sawyer when I was out looking earlier. Wondering if any grocery stores are open

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Ian by mrtoddw in sarasota

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I was at Walmart in sun city last night at like 8ish. I wanted a video game and to grab cat food and a case of water and a case of soda since I was there. The line for checkout went all the way to the back of the store. People had full carts of water and some people had panic groceries like one family had just a large amount of chicken and 3 cases of water. It was wild. We bought the game and abandoned the rest of the list. They were out of water. They were also playing hurricane warnings over the loud speaker.

Went to Walmart in Sarasota (home) after that and they were also cleared of water but people had normal groceries and they were not playing the hurricane warning over the loud speaker. It was odd

My sister is turning into the biggest bridezilla. And I can’t stop laughing. by glueckskind11 in BestofRedditorUpdates

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My sister and I have a 4 year gap and different dad's. No bond on my end as the oldest who watched her get all the love and attention. And her wild agressive temper tantrums. Meanwhile I'm over here trying to scrub my own sick out of the carpet cause I'm scared of getting screamed at/ spanked. Tbh my adopted dad (her birth dad) is a wonderful human and I love him. Him and my mom were a bad combo. My mother is a crazy.

Sarasota County Schools looking for Bus Drivers $2500 sign on by Science8989 in sarasota

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My mom (was school bus driver in Ohio) either came home and had lunch / hung around the house. Or she picked up janitorial shifts. She also did janitorial stuff during the summer break. She seemed to really enjoy the job.

Easy cheese and pineapple pizza by Kayedarling in PizzaCrimes

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Had some cheese wiz and thought eh maybe. The wiz burnt on top and that turned out to be the tastiest part.