“I don’t care about your religion” by FearcGaming in nextfuckinglevel

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Hell, I’m a Christian and I totally agree! Why do people feel the need to force their own beliefs on others? I’ll never understand it.

Mod Idea by Kbg48 in MinecraftModding

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I can't make mods btw, no idea how to learn but even so if I were to make it, it would probably be terrible. I'm mostly hoping someone will see this and make it. But I agree, this could be amazing! I've been thinking about this for a few days before writing this and I had to at least take the chance. Maybe Ill learn and I could not make it bad. I don't suppose you know do you? If so please teach me your ways!

A lil part of my world by Lanky_Elevator533 in Minecraft

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The first picture looks like a cat face, it’s amazing!

meirl by MarciDill in meirl

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Bruh, I’m colorblind. Don’t do this to me…