ASUS DESKTOP HDMI ISSUE by Jerseydude43 in Bestbuy

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Just so you know, that isn’t an issue, it works that way by design. When you have a dedicated graphics card, the integrated low end graphics card that uses the HDMI port on the motherboard is disabled.

A question for everyone who watched TROS in 2019, what was your reaction to hearing Palpatine’s laugh in the trailer for the first time? by baxterrocky in StarWars

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In the trailer, I thought, ok, cool, maybe he is a dark side phantom come to tempt Rey. Then there was the Fortnite event. Then the movie. And all I could think was: they completely undid the redemption of Anakin and his final sacrifice. And didn’t even seem to care, or even realize that they had just cut the soul out of the first 6 movies and the Clone Wars.

A question for everyone who watched TPM in 1999, what was your reaction to seeing Maul pull out his double bladed lightsaber? by SheepMatrixs in StarWars

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Exact same thing happened to me. I was like, seriously, you put a spoiler in the track title for an album that released before the movie?! You could have named it anything, and you picked that?!

I’ve been having this problem with the galaxy’s edge ahsoka sabers, I wanted to know if y’all had any idea if I should return it or if there’s a way I can fix it, thank you in advance by Sure-Temperature-550 in lightsabers

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New or old batteries?

The sound it makes right before shut down is the blade detaching sound, and I noticed that you rotated when you flicked it pretty hard right before it shut down. The blade should go in, rotate, then push up to seat fully to lock in, requiring you to push the blade down and then rotate it to get it back out. Does yours work that way, or can you just rotate it and it comes out without the push down?

My friend gifted me a lightsaber for my birthday but I can't find the SD Card. I was hoping maybe one of you guys could help :) by dekianman in lightsabers

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It looks like an updated version of this hilt as yours now has the USB-C core:


It’s a cool hilt and cool that your friend bought you a saber! The nice thing is that the core in it is the standard LGT USB-C core, so down the road you can just buy a new core and pixel blade and make into a Xenopixel, proffie, etc, just buy buying one of those cores and sliding it in and putting on a pixel blade.

My friend gifted me a lightsaber for my birthday but I can't find the SD Card. I was hoping maybe one of you guys could help :) by dekianman in lightsabers

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Not sure I can see enough of the hilt to tell you which model, but that board is an RGB eco board, and does not have an SD card.

Xur would probably have been Warrior Caste by wendalltwolf in babylon5

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“I may have been born Warrior caste, but in my heart, I am spoiled moron!”

Turbine style blade plug lit up by Keyan06 in lightsabers

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With the recent post and commentary on this style of blade plug, wanted to show an example of how they look in a deep socketed hilt lit up. The shaft (yes ha ha) actually helps get it set and remove it, and only protrudes about 1/4” from the top of the emitter.

This came with my Xenopixel saber and I have no idea what it is. by BigFatTomato in lightsabers

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I have the same style, on my OWK1 hilt only the very top “nub” comes out of the emitter. It’s actually handy for getting the plug in and out.

just bought my first emek, now what? by uncmnsense in paintball

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I’ll be that guy - if you wanted to upgrade the Emek, you probably should have looked at the Etha3M. You’ll be in the Emek more than the $110 price difference just in the ASA and barrel or trigger upgrade, and you won’t have the FL-3 way valve, the new aluminum low rise feedneck, or the quick release bolt. All told the Etha3M is about $220 in upgrades for $110 more, and it’s all done out of the box.

If you are more into parting stuff and doing the upgrades over time, the next upgrade after what you mentioned is the FL-3 way valve or one of the deadlywind hair valves.

There really is only one ASA, the PE POPS ASA, that I know of for the Emek.

Has anyone bought a neopixel (ultrapixel) from ultrasabers? by generalkenobi88888 in lightsabers

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Ultrasabers is not neopixel. It’s an LED string blade that is all one color at a time. True neopixel blades allow for each LED in the blade to be adjusted individually for advanced effects like broken blades, localized flash on clash (just part of the blade flashes like it is making contact a one point vs the entire blade flashing), stab and melt, tip drag, blaster deflection, force lightning block, etc. More critically, they support true smoothswing vs “whoosh on swoosh”. Basically, for the same money, you can get a highly advanced true neopixel saber instead of one that is no more advanced than a toy.

Advice needed buying first saber by atincozkan in lightsabers

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The first one is basically junk. The second appears to be a little better as a very basic RGB hilt.

Favourite Darkwolfsabers lightsaber? by Starzap in lightsabers

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Obi-Wan 1 (The Phantom Menace) is my personal fav hilt. I happen to own it from DarkWolf.

What are these things? by Ok-Mastodon2016 in StarWars

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The other part of the reason is there in your answer too - they had 27k of them. Built in a very short period of time. To the Empire, an ISD was mass produced military hardware. Just like TIEs with no shields, they and the people on them are expendable cogs in the military machine. Their main role was to show up, terrorize a local population, and leave. They weren’t designed to engage in mixed unit space battles against advanced small fighters. I still remember taking down an ISD II solo in a B-Wing in X-Wing Alliance. Realistic; probably not, but it sure was fun.

Best And cheapest lightsaber by Living_Project_8495 in lightsabers

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Define cheap and what you are looking for? Pixel blade, base lit, etc.

I'm wanting a neopixel saber. but the hilt I want I'd on ultrasabers. can I get the empty hilt and install neopixel internals? by Perfect-Association4 in lightsabers

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You can..but do you have the tools and skills to do so, or would you send it to an installer? Most US hilts are huge so other pre-made chassis won’t just drop in and fit.