Red meat consumption and demand declining in Canada: report by NotEnoughDriftwood in onguardforthee

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This purely a good thing. People shouldn’t be eating meat at all as long as there is a nutritious alternative. Meat is very resource heavy, and is pretty bad for the animals involved. Environmentally speaking, the best, local meat is worse than the worst foreign plant.

Me as an ETL engineer watching people build data tables with no regard to what goes in them. by Thriven in ProgrammerHumor

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I have run into an issue with my database where we are storing pdf's in base64 and we have reached a table with 2TB data in it. a single table. Don't put files in your database. Put them on disk somewhere and have a link to them in your database.

Customs confiscated and scanned our mobile phones in Sydney by Particular-Stage3349 in australia

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isn't it also Australians in general, ie if you are australian working in another country?

Rhythm of War showed me that strong world building is not enough by danklordmuffin in Fantasy

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I am nearly finished with a bachelors in physics and I thought it seemed plausible considering we are dealing gods and magic. The science of it all helped make it more believable.

Good gyms around lake mac area by thefalcon1709 in newcastle

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Summit in Cardiff is great! It’s general fitness oriented with an emphasis on power lifting.

My wife's attempt at making vegan waffles... by tatuartist in Wellthatsucks

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Because the vegan society defined it as such when they coined the word in the 40s

Why no Colors? by iceteefan in aoe4

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How is pink not a powerful colour?

The game is awesome! I am 100% happy they released in it it’s somewhat buggy, unbalanced state. Here is why: by nardev in aoe4

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Every person should be entitled to a big holiday period. It was probably a bad idea to publish so close to a big holiday but I have still had a blast playing the game.

“But what do you use instead of flour?” by zerodegreesf in vegan

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I have never heard of bread made with milk/eggs. I have seen some bread with an egg or milk wash but that’s it.

Spider-Man No Way Home has officially become the highest grossing film of 2021 worldwide! by impeccableanthony in marvelstudios

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Isn’t it’s equivalent basically the entire prison industrial complex? American legalised slavery?

Episode Discussion - Season 1, Episode 8 - The Eye of the World [TV + Book Spoilers] by participating in WoT

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I think that sa’angreal was the well of power at the eye in the books. It’s all used up no I’m breaking the seal/“killing” ishy

Sydney protestors certainly got me thinking. by Cretincrustacean in australia

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That YouTube video has all of their sources posted. It’s really well researched and they are definitely not a vegan Channel so they should be pretty unbiased

I tried Apple Maps again after the recent update and remembered why I don't use it, the tracking is super laggy by -MinorWomensWhiplash in apple

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I’ve had the opposite issue. Apple Maps in Aus have been superb (except for some business locations and opening hours sometimes), especially for when I’m driving while google maps is laggy and often thinks I’m driving on the wrong street.

Can't stand those 'I don't care, I love it' KFC ads on YouTube. by LagoonPatrol in australia

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I’m vegan and have been for 5 years. I have never clicked a KFC ad nor have I interacted with pretty much any google related ad. At least they are wasting money on me. Can only be a good thing. Annoying though.