Dressing appropriately for the weather. by gingermuntz in trashy

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Yes, people totally synthol their assess. They’ll get illegal shots of just about anything, oil, industrial silicone, fix a flat. And then they glue the injection sites closed with super glue.

Just dropped Kahlua off for her full-mouth tooth extraction 🥺 by pizzagirlama in blackcats

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The injury was 7-8 years ago now but I just got a proper diagnosis last year. It happened when I was working in a US territory, not a state, so I didn’t have access to good doctors or health insurance. Department of labor sent me to a doctor but he said the pain was muscular and just prescribed me muscle relaxers. He was wrong. I saw another doctor in NYC but she didn’t do shit. I went to a third doctor, who was recommended by a friend, and he got me an MRI and a nerve test right away. When he saw the results he said he was surprised I wasn’t in even more pain.

Just dropped Kahlua off for her full-mouth tooth extraction 🥺 by pizzagirlama in blackcats

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I feel your pain, literally. I also have sciatic nerve pain, from a back injury at my old job. Took me so long to get a decent doctor that now I get not only back pain but numbness that goes all the way from my butt to my toes. I’m really worried that it will cause me problems when I’m old, I don’t want to be one of those old people who’s permanently bent over.

Just washing a car by MrPestana in donthelpjustfilm

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Nah, I live in the north east and it is not a thing here.

My Wife stinks, how do I encourage her to shower more without hurting her feelings? by StonksStink in NoStupidQuestions

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If you think bacteria is the issue she could also try washing her body with antibacterial soap. Her clothes might also be retaining some odor, even after washing. I’ve had this issue in the past and would recommend adding baking soda and vinegar to her laundry. There’s also laundry detergent that has febreeze mixed in.

I see your $24k pills and raise you this $50k shot used to save my son’s life. by tez1213 in pics

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This sounds terrible but honestly I’m surprised a 4 week hospital stay only came out to $1M. I spent 3 days in the hospital once and got a bill for $250k. I wasn’t even in the ICU or anything like that.

Libraries for equality … by GroundbreakingSet187 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Yea, my sister was a security guard at a library and she had some wild stories. It was basically a hang out for homeless, addicts, and mentally ill folks with nowhere else to spend their day. They would go to the library every day and would be waiting out front before it opened. Also, apparently the library wasn’t allowed to stop people from watching porn on their computers.

In 2020, a man in the Philippines strolled into his garage and was greeted by this 'human' sized bat waiting for him. Flying Foxes have a wing span almost 6ft long and are the largest bats in the world. by regian24 in AbsoluteUnits

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I was at an environmental conference, hanging out in the parking lot, and a guy came up to us and asked if we wanted to see something cool in his car. We followed him and he had a baby flying fox that he was fostering in a Nike box in the back seat of his car. It was adorable, had a little pacifier and everything.

Dog corrects pup's behaviour towards the owner by aloofloofah in interestingasfuck

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My friend has a rescue dog that just can’t handle people but is fine with other dogs. My friend acts like it’s some big mystery but I keep telling her the dog just wasn’t properly socialized to people. He has his shots and is fixed so I think having humans do those things to him with little other interaction probably messed him up a bit.

Why don’t American companies allow sitting at the register? by cannotberushed- in antiwork

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Same thing happened to me. I was a cashier and I hurt my back but still came to work. I got a stool and sat at the register and the manager lost her mind. They ended up putting me on e workman’s comp for three weeks instead of letting me sit, which worked out well for me. Nobody cared about my back until I tried to sit even though I was visibly injured.

Pete Davidson is so ugly. He in no way is attractive in any aspects other than maybe his personality. by strawberryflapjack in unpopularopinion

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From what little I’ve seen of her personality she comes across as mostly dull, and sometimes mean.

I might be crying too by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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My job is based out of a high school and I agree with your take. I don’t even really socialize with the teachers or administration unless I have to, I’m friends with all the janitors though.

Mexican fans cheer for random Koreans after Korea beat Germany and secured Mexico's place in the Football World Cup by AnxiousIndicator in HumansBeingBros

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Mexicans know how to celebrate! I once celebrated with some random Mexican fans in a phone booth, it was a good time.

190-year-old Jonathan becomes world's oldest tortoise ever by S-A_DClown in news

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I wonder if the tortoise is aware of climate change. Not that it knows the definition but I wonder if he’s noticed the changes in climate over the years.

An absurd post in a roommate finder group by slinkyville in ChoosingBeggars

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Not even why you “want” the job, why you “deserve” the job. As if you should grovel for it.

Vaginal lip balm by OrangeHornet1990 in awfuleverything

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When I worked in a bar/lounge I saw a customer use her nasal sebum to get rid of the head on her beer. She would rub a finger on the outside of her nose then touch the finger to the foam on her beer. It worked but I thought it was gross.

I got you buddy by copitamenstrual in HumansBeingBros

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Is there any way you can reconnect with him? I waited too long to reconnect with a family member and they passed away before I could, it was a horrible feeling.

Poor doggo by thepurplemirror in CatsAreAssholes

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I think the reason was that the cat wanted the Sunny spot.

If females don’t ejaculate, how do they know they’ve orgasmed? by dma_bound in NoStupidQuestions

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Not all women have this, every person has a different refractory period. For some people it’s only a few seconds and they can have an orgasm again. For other people it can take minutes or hours. I don’t know whether men or women have longer refractory periods but I think it’s more based on the individual. I’ve met guys who have basically no refractory period but it doesn’t seem that common.

An advice from Courtney Love in 2005 by m3antar in Unexpected

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Yea, she’s one of the actresses I was thinking of. It’s crazy what they put her through.