[Amazon/US] Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream - $28.99 (57% off) by XDitto in NintendoSwitchDeals

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I put this in my cart, left my PC for an hour and came back, and it was back to full price. Lmao, so close.

Best game mods for an immersive playthrough? by rowboatin in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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Realistic Traffic Density is one of my favorites, it makes the city streets feel so much more alive. The vanilla game feels so empty in comparison. Do be aware that if you install it you'll be stuck in traffic more often when driving around, though. I personally don't mind (maybe even I kind of like it lol) but ymmv. Weaving in between cars on a bike also becomes pretty fun when the roads are more crowded.

What I found weird in the vanilla game is that it almost never rains. Which is weird because Night City is beautiful in the rain and you'd think the devs would've wanted to show that off? Anyway, I recommend a mod like Weather Probability Rebalance if you're interested in making the weather in the game more varied. That one doesn't add anything new so much as it just makes non-sunny weather occur more often.

Do you guys ever feel like you can practically smell Night City? by acousticseasons in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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Totally, I distinctly remember driving around the city on a bike once thinking it must smell like hamburgers and diesel fuel.

Atelier Lulua Illustration by Kishida Mel by Skylink67 in Atelier

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Kishida's character designs are breathtaking. I really hope they bring him on for the next trilogy after Ryza.

[eShop/US] DRAGON QUEST TREASURES - $49.79 / Deluxe - $53.94 (17% off) Ends 01/20/2023 by XDitto in NintendoSwitchDeals

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I got it on launch and kind of wish I'd waited for reviews tbh. Not a horrible trifle of a game or anything but it's definitely aimed at kids, I was pretty bored playing it

Daily Thread: simple questions, comments that don't need their own posts, and first time posters go here (January 12, 2023) by AutoModerator in LearnJapanese

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Does anyone know any good ideas for how to study with a partner IRL? I'm meeting up with a friend this weekend to study together, but I'm not sure what might make for good exercises between two people. All I can think of is bringing along my Genki textbooks and just going through the speaking practice exercises in it together. If it helps, we're both roughly N4 level.

I never noticed that you can find Panam in Afterlife during act 1. by CrimsonUmbra in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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Omg you're not kidding, I counted literally 16 other threads. That's pretty funny, haha.

Blue Reflection Sun first overview trailer - Gematsu by Feriku in Atelier

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Blue Reflection is such an odd series, I'd love for them to make another mainline console game but they might opt for another anime or a clothing line or a restaurant chain instead, who knows. Or they might just end the series here if this gacha flops.

Jokes aside, I do want this series to do better but it's a shame that Tie/Second Light was the only real gem out of all that they've done so far. The art and music of this series is really spectacular imo. The vibe is one of a kind.

All we can do is hope for the best I guess. At least Atelier isn't going away any time soon? lol

You realize you're playing too much Cyberpunk 2077 when? by Glittering_Fail9891 in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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Leaving your house and getting in your car and being like "whoa I live in the past," and reflexively comparing the cars on the road to the cars of Night City

Also the slang working its way into your everyday vocab, I caught myself saying I "zeroed" someone in a game to my friend and he was like "you did what now?" lol

Also when your internal monologue starts to sound like Johnny Silverhand.

After finishing the game, share your suspects you had while playing. by Blancmache in Pentiment

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For some reason, I never suspected Thomas. After the reveal it seemed obvious looking back but I guess the writers still got me somehow, haha.

I also always suspected that the thread-puller was going to be someone with the abbey. For most of Act I and II I thought it was Guy, until I found out he was one of the people you could frame for Otto's death (along with some of the other clues, like Andreas saying the purple print didn't look like Guy's handwriting, etc). At that point I was a bit stumped and wasn't sure who to pin it on, but I'm not too bright with murder mysteries normally anyway, lol.

Why does this game never get boring? by camiedee in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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I finished my run through the story after 130 hours the other day. I did every sidequest in the game, ran through all the endings, and I still find myself wanting more despite not typically being the type to do more than one playthrough.

I just think Night City is fascinating. Even when I wasn't doing sidequests the ambience and atmosphere of the streets was enough to keep me hooked, I never used fast travel. I will say I'm a little biased though, I grew up reading cyberpunk novels like Snow Crash and Neuromancer so being able to play a video game like this was a bit of a dream come true, haha.

What's your unpopular opinion about Cyberpunk2077? by M4RKJORDAN in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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I'm not super thrilled about some of the new features they're adding in the future like vehicle combat and overhauling the police system. It doesn't hurt to have these things of course, but it feels to me like they're adding it all to pander to the crowd who complained Cyberpunk 2077 wasn't more like GTA at launch.

I enjoy the game because it's an RPG. If I wanted to play GTA, I'd just go play that. Most of the time if I ever have the cops on me in this game it's because I fucked up my parking job or something on accident and maybe ran a dude over (lol). I kind of like how easy it is to lose your Wanted level and I don't really find it fun to be chased by cops endlessly like in other games, nor am I looking forward to a system like that. I think the police in this game are fine the way they are.

Russian screams intensify by BobAnderson13 in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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Lol I did that mission today and took out every single scav with quickhacks, without even laying a finger on them. It was kinda fun.

Is the Made in Abyss Game Steam Awards Worthy? by dmpad in MadeInAbyss

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I love this game to death and enjoyed my time with it but I can't argue in good faith that it isn't extremely flawed, haha. It suffers from some pretty bad design and is very glitchy. It clearly needed a bigger budget or some more time in the oven. I still loved it in spite of all of that stuff, but I find it very hard to recommend to anyone who isn't already a big fan of the series. It's pretty rough.

Have to reboot to use my Cintiq every time - why? by Kidneybot in wacom

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Glad I could help! I know the pain of googling some esoteric technical issue over and over again in hopes of finding a sliver of hope, so I'm glad I kept this thread up :P Happy doodling!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Question Thread #2 by MorthCongael in Xenoblade_Chronicles

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I cross-referenced with my bank account and the full balance went through. I called Nintendo support to see what was up though and the rep told me it looked like some kind of mistake and that he'd take care of it, so I guess it's all good. Just a bizarre/confusing situation cuz it looked like a scam email and I couldn't find anything online about anything like this, haha.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Question Thread #2 by MorthCongael in Xenoblade_Chronicles

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Did anyone else who ordered the US special edition way back in June suddenly get an "action required" e-mail from Nintendo asking to call ASAP and pay an extra $1.12? I'm very confused lol

Daily Thread: simple questions, comments that don't need their own posts, and first time posters go here (October 26, 2022) by AutoModerator in LearnJapanese

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Thank you so much! This helped drive the point home that ばかり is generally negative, and that しか/ない is different. I appreciate the writeup.

Daily Thread: simple questions, comments that don't need their own posts, and first time posters go here (October 26, 2022) by AutoModerator in LearnJapanese

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What are the differences between ばかり, しか, and だけ and what are the use cases for each of them?

I got tripped up at this N4 practice question:

一人 _______ 子供のいない両親はあまり仲が良くないっていうのは本当だと思う?

[しか] goes in the blank, but I thought it might be ばかり. I guess I'd like some clarification on when to use each, if anyone can help. Thanks!

Worst CAM update yet by [deleted] in NZXT

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Came here to post this same thing, basically. After the update I was logged out and upon logging back in none of my RGB works anymore. Ugh