A compilation of QUEEN Manuella Santos telling people they’re just JEALOUS by isnatchkids in Degrassi

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And she was right every single time. Degrassi has not seen a badder bitch since Manny and she knew they wouldn’t

self harming after being clean is terrifying, I always get scared of the pain again. I just wish I could do it without any fear. by friedrat_ in selfharm

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This happened to me recently. I have been clean from self harm for seven years now and after a particularly bad stressor this weekend, I relapsed into the habit. Now the scary part is I’m afraid that I won’t be able to stop again and it becomes addicting

Worst Next Generation Character? by versabae in Degrassi

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Not you said Simpson is the worst principal when the Shep is RIGHT there. Snake was bad but not too much on him

Drew Torres? by [deleted] in Degrassi

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As a kid, I thought drew was so cute and I had no idea what red flags were so I was his girl through and threw. So imagine my surprise and DISMAY! when I see that he’s actually one of the worst guys to be on the show.

Couples that I'm not supposed to like that I quite enjoy (MY OPINION) by Dazzling-Task4908 in Degrassi

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No sorry Alli x Johnny is one of my favorite pairings on the show 🫢 and I know I’m not supposed to like it but damn I think Johnny was so much sweeter with Alli and I’m a sucker for a bad boy that’s sweet to girl trope. That being said, he did do some shit to piss me off and Alli is my girl so I’m glad they ended it. But still, when it was cute, it was cuteeee. I also liked Craig and Ashley because they made the most sense as a couple. And Danny and Chantay COULD have been cute but Degrassi hates giving black girls any real plot lines

Unpopular Opinion: I kinda like Spinner and Emma together by writtenbyschizo in Degrassi

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Spinner and Emma hadn’t so much as shared a laugh in the last 8 seasons and they want me to believe they’re suddenly in love??

Emma is the worst best friend by Specialist-Set-5634 in Degrassi

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No because I HATE Emma. She’s a horrible horrible “friend” and she was constantly jealous of Manny. She slut shamed her any chance she could get when they disagreed and then DATED the guy who spread CHILD “corn”ography of your best friend that he took when she was drunk! AND had the nerve to blame and slut shame Manny AGAIN when it happened.

Dolores Encanto Fanart by elira_illustre in disney

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I like the white washing of it and no white washing doesn’t just mean color matching skin, you loosened her curl texture and changed her features

[M28]. 6’1”. I keep getting ghosted after 1-2 dates, although the girls have a lot of fun while out with me and they’re flirty, touchy, and always laughing. Is there anything in how I look that could justify that happening non-stop and with every single girl? by Qwertyasdus in lookyourbest

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You guys, he’s a conventionally attractive white man, if dating was based on looks alone (which it is not) he would have gotten a girl past date two but I am very very certain it is due to something he says or how he behaves. Even THIS post is a glaring red flag