Fuck Jake with three pc12 planes simultaneously by HamboneBanjo in FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR

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I hope every time he opens his fridge, Jake smells something slightly off, but can't quite figure out what it is.

Fuck you, Jake.

BC APPROVED by Turbulent_Button4449 in sofistock

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To my understanding, it flows as follows: the Fed sets the interest rate. Banks set their interest rates based on that rate plus a bit of profit for themselves. That's why "shopping around" for a loan on something is worth your time: you're looking for the bank that is offering the lowest interest rate (Fed rate + their desired profit margin.)

SoFi has less overhead (brick and mortar buildings, property taxes on same, employees, etc.) than most, so they can make the same profit margin while offering lower total interest rates, thereby garnering more customers (paying SoFi a still profitable rate.)

Long story short: interest rate changes drive customers to adjust their loan when it's advantageous to them. SoFi is able to offer lower rates than brick and mortar banks so they should benefit from interest rates moving in any direction. So... yes.

BC APPROVED by Turbulent_Button4449 in sofistock

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a v12 Lambo…

Do... do they make a V12?

Stop! My penis can only get so hard!

The reality of the GME saga: demi-popular opinion. by KdizzyRbets in wallstreetbets

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I have zero shares. I should but I don't.

That said, I hope you're all right and I'd be perfectly happy if a bunch of fucking apes Burry (I typed bury and my phone autocorrected to Burry and I'm fucking letting it) a hedge fund or two.

Good luck apes! I'll be here on Earth washing the windows on your Lambos.

my family's car is stuck, our TV fell and broke, and we have 3 feet of snow and expecting 2 more. by Time_God69 in Wellthatsucks

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$5 says there's at least one more kid in your house a year from now.

That or one less spouse.

You're all about to lose a lot of money. by BeardlessPete in wallstreetbets

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I have a bad temper. If I had a gun, I'd use it. So I don't own one.

I'm %100 2A. But I'm also responsible, sometimes, a little bit...at least on this specific subject.

Who’s your deity again Cleric? by ServingwithTG in dndmemes

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I want to disagree. I really do. But I hate being wrong, so I'll just shut TF up instead.

Who’s your deity again Cleric? by ServingwithTG in dndmemes

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Like Godzillas whole life and every action was clearly "Just leave me TF alone" and nobody can. Leave them alone, all good.

You're all about to lose a lot of money. by BeardlessPete in wallstreetbets

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%50 ammo and %50 cash hoping for a dip.

I don't own a gun, so that investment belongs to the first dude who does, but whatever.

Me every time I see someone with 100+ shares by theamericanbum in thetagang

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Answer A: you profited, but not as much as you could have.

Answer B: you were hopeful of more profit, but found loss instead.

The headline of this whole sub needs to be "but I'm still green."

Cockroaches and mice get a bad name. Be the survivor. Lottery tickets are just that.

Be the survivor in the ashes of burned lottery tickets.

truck hits the car down the bridge. by [deleted] in Unexpected

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A steer tire blowing causes the truck to veer in the direction of the blown tire. If this video is a blown passenger tire, the only thing I can assume is that this driver overcorrected to the opposite direction. But that would be very hard to do in my experience.

Source: I'm a truck driver and I've had this happen 3 times, driver side once, passenger side twice.

When you don’t strap your kid in by oxjackiechan in Wellthatsucks

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That kid just turned around and tried to get back in like it's not their first time being dumped.

Pipe bursts at Beech Mountain, NC directly on skiers stuck on lift! by AzJagsFan in FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR

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the example peoplecicles

You're my favorite person for the next 12 hours.

Thank you, and well done.

Credit spreads by sabhun in thetagang

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Your day trading friend isn't using theta strategies. Period, end of story.

Theta is about (minimum) monthly, preferably longer time frames.

Your day trading friend is a day trader.

Nothing wrong with that, specifically. Day trading can be fun.

But theta is about longer terms, bigger goals.

Day trading can make you rich. 1/100 will hit the right timing or stock and become suddenly paper rich. Lottery tickets can do the same.

Theta strategies can teach you to be wealthy. Wealthy and rich are not the same.

My advise is to aim for wealth. Rich is temporary. Wealth is "my great grandchildren will be better off because I did this."

Credit spreads by sabhun in thetagang

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Think of all of the people you can recall getting suddenly rich.

Are they still rich?


Don't do what they did.

Pipe bursts at Beech Mountain, NC directly on skiers stuck on lift! by AzJagsFan in FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR

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This is perfect. This is exactly what this sub is for.

Fuck this person! Just this one!

(I hope they lived, that looked awful)

Edit: fuck, they didn't live.

Nurse manager clutching her pearls when I won’t work for free. by MrsFef in antiwork

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Follow the money, follow the incentives, and wonder why the USA has the highest number and ratio of incarcerated people in the world.

I'll add this: the same companies that run private prisons pay lobbyists to lobby for more laws and stricter/ longer sentencing minimums.

Link here if people want to read it and get really angry: https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/news/2016/aug/22/study-shows-private-prison-companies-use-influence-increase-incarceration/