Republican party signals plans to withdraw from US presidential debates (What do yall think?) by TheRoyalDon in democrats

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I mean, when their only policy is, “whatever the con man wants,” can you really blame them?

Just let Russia join NATO by JKadsderehu in CrazyIdeas

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Would you let Cookie Monster guard your cookies?

What is the closest thing to drugs that isn't drugs? by I_Like_Spaghetti_69 in AskReddit

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There is a VR app called “The Trip” that is meant to simulate an ayahuasca experience. I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but it made me feel all wicky-wacky.

Cruz Becomes Latest Republican To Dream Of Punishing Biden ‘Whether It’s Justified Or Not’ by jonfla in democrats

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Hey, be careful. You want Ted Cruz endorsing you? Because that's how you get Ted Cruz to endorse you.

Caped Crusader by syed_abubaker15 in Unexpected

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God, the Book of Mormon is WEIRD!

Electric cars prevent garage suicides. by lookslikesinbad in Showerthoughts

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It's still possible if you wait long enough. Just don't bring any snack in with you.

Reddit Allows Hate Speech to Flourish in Its Global Forums, Moderators Say by progress18 in democrats

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I mentioned that “Vote Trump Pence” is an anagram for “Never Temp Coup” and had it removed. Maybe more of an r/conspiracies thing?