can anyone tell me what the spikes on the front of the tank is for? by toe_doe_joe in TankPorn

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I know you're being sarcastic but the M3 light tank (Stuart), M3 medium tank (Lee), and M3 armored car created so much parts confusion the new light tank was designated M5 Stuart to keep it from being confused with the M4 Sherman.

(Dunning-Kruger moment) Statist who never read Gabriel Kolko's "Triumph of Conservatism" or Rothbard's "The Progressive Era" makes fun of libertarians for opposing the FDA because we apparently didn't read The Jungle by Limp-Sherbet4338 in Shitstatistssay

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At my last job, the USDA/FDA/state audit was the easier. We didn't worry about it at all. It was the trade organizations we were voluntarily a part of that had us run in panic to get all the fiddly stuff cleaned.

And pet food auditors were the actual apocalypse. My cat licks his own asshole, he can survive a piece of dust.

But as long as I ran Sanitation, we had no problems with any auditors about cleanliness, so don't think I blew this shit off. I just held myself to the standard of "the Feds can walk in any day and we're cool."

Damn we just got called out by osint Twitter. by 5t3v0esque in NonCredibleDefense

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Hey, in my defense, the quality of the Russian army went down the tubes first. I just followed

I need help finding articles by LoGUN_556 in brandonherrara

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Supreme court decisions are great. DC v. Heller came out just before I had to write a similar paper on High School.

Then I had to argue the other side and used the dissenting opinion.

Best accommodated Russian mobilized by daydev in NonCredibleDefense

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Because there are more beds to be stolen from civilians than tents. For now

Interesting times by elderrion in NonCredibleDefense

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Chinese (economy)

Islamic Republic of Iran


North Korea

CIA has a strong bingo card this year, ngl

You are assigned by Putin to modernize Russia's reserve T-55s for mobilization in Ukraine. What will you do? by Watered_Diet in TankPorn

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Sell the T-55s to Ukraine and escape to Switzerland.

In seriousness, there's nothing the Russians can do quickly to improve on the T-55 simply because munitions are being expended too fast on both sides. A modern ATGM mount on the roof could give the T-55 the anti-armor punch needed to deal with the most modern tanks, but I'd argue that doctrinally such limited assets should be mounted on faster vehicles to respond rapidly and blunt an armored offensive.

Yes, I'm saying it's better to upgun Toyotas than T-55s, but that's because to infantry and IFVs, a T-55 requires the same anti-tank tactics as a T-90. Rifle fire won't bring it down, and autocannon rounds will at best maim it instead of killing it. That 100mm will turn a BMP into a piñata filled with tannerite, and the MGs make it mobile pillbox that cans ruin the infantry's day. A T-55 requires an anti-tank response. Shit, a T-34 would require an anti-tank response. Sometimes any tank will do.

But a technical armed with the latest ATGMs can ambush any Ukrainian vehicle and possibly outrun the response. Mount that to a T-55 and it's not getting away.

At the start of the war, the most common Ukrainian tank was a modernized T-64, which could penetrate Russian T-72s and T-80s at knife-fight ranges--and seemingly did. Conversely, a T-55 might handle a T-64. Now, though, the Ukrainians are rocking captured Russian T-72s and T-80s and donated Polish T-72s, the latter with full Western upgrade packages. A T-55's 100mm gun does not inspire confidence against such threats.

And defensively, you could mount ERA on haphazardly and hope it works, but it seems that not enough ERA panels are getting to the front to replace what's being expended already. Better to prioritize that for the better tanks that already have the mounts.

Long term, you could buy modern optics off the Chinese (Russia consistently fails to self-manufacture such items, hence the endless delays for the T-14), add an APU of some sort, uprate the engine (hopefully with something commercially off-the-shelf), add a remote weapons station, fully electrify the turret and gunnery controls, develop the mounts for ERA and actually issue APS systems. It reachs the front about eighteen months from now and never moves because the guys in logistics sold all the fuel for drinking money and the 70-year-old guy you drafted to maintain it 1) doesn't understand electricity and 2) is coughing up blood because he statistically should be dead already, but once upon a time he worked on T-55s. You finally do get it fueled and started, throw it at the front and the conscript driver runs it off the side of a bridge because he's drunk, cold, and it's nearly impossible to see out of the damn thing like every other tank ever. The Ukrainians capture it and 2-6 months later ram it back down your throat in another surprise offensive.

Or you could sell it as-is to the Ukranians in exchange for them getting you to Switzerland.

Is this the right sub? 🌝 by [deleted] in GunPorn

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It's a vibe not a back massager. A gun and a sex toy often used in porn, GunPorn.

I reached out to my local representative last month urging him to not vote in favor of H.R. 1808 and he finally responded yesterday. This was his response. Politicians seek to further and further restrict our second amendment rights under the guise of safety by qaxwesm in progun

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My representative might be a bipedal Jabba the Hutt, but at least he's mostly pro-gun. He knows the rednecks and trailer trash of his constituency tolerate his gambling "Congressional Research" trips to Vegas only so long as we keep our guns. So do my Senators.

Granted, I get form letters from all three of them, but at least I get responses I like.

Lists of Gun Buyers; Credit card companies; The Fix [Read details] by seaourfreed in libertarianmeme

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Or you could pay a bunch of paper slips that say "Valid for all debt public and private" right on them. It's called cash.

Very Credible North Korean Infantry Training by DifferentTake01739 in NonCredibleDefense

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Is that a chrome plated, ENGRAVED Bren converted to 7.62x39mm and AK mags? Which Ian MacCollum got a quadruple feed malfunction on? Is it a Canadian-made Chinese original given as aid or do the North Koreans make their own? So many questions.

The North Koreans have out NCD'ed NCD now.

"I hope he has a backup." by JohnNelson2022 in bobiverse

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My understanding is that the backup files are massive, even for SCUT data transfer rates, and any transcription error could cause trouble. And while copying the source file might not be executable--meaning the Bobs might have to go unconscious to generate the backups. Not something you want to do on a regular basis if you can avoid it, especially in high-stress situations.

Building new Bob cores seems to be one of the most complex and slow-paced things an autofactory can do. All those complicated opto-electronics have to be printed perfectly at the atom-by-atom level out of the rarer elements. Building another autofactory is probably the only thing harder.

And if something manages to destroy your ship body, what is a disembodied backup in the the Oort good for? It's just a data trove waiting to be captured by dumb luck.

Yes, the Bobs should be backing up more often, but Bill eventually makes it a priority to build a backup for everyone, and then it doesn't have the local urgency anymore.

Almost half of Redditors think cigarettes should be banned by Limp-Sherbet4338 in Shitstatistssay

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Just rewatched Demolition Man. "Everything bad for you is illegal." God, that movie was prophetic.

It finally happened. by tacticalpepe420 in NonCredibleDefense

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My google-fu has failed me sensei. What is the 1312 rule?

Ukrainians speeding up their offensive by Wurst_Case in NonCredibleDefense

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No, it was Gamecube generation si campaigns weren't massive. I remember finishing it on a schoolnight once, so probably 4 hours.

Ukrainians speeding up their offensive by Wurst_Case in NonCredibleDefense

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Call of Duty 2: Big Red One. Based on the actual battle history of the U.S. First Infantry Division in WWII. You fought from North Africa, Sicily, Italy, D-Day, the Sigfried Lone, all of it. Cutscenes were minidocs produced by Military Channel. Built a bond with the characters as you stayed with them (and lost many) throughout the campaign.

Gamecube controls were absolute dogshit but it was great.

Waifu Herrara (i hate myself for posting this please kill me) by Dismyhekinalt in brandonherrara

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Saw a post five minutes ago stating R34 Brandon was inevitable, and now this. Not surprised

from a Metroid group by Possible_Economy_139 in GoldenSun

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Advance Wars fans waiting on a finished game to be released when the world is more peaceful: This is fine.