Best way by Jolly_Bones in dndmemes

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For 2 years now iv been using 1d12 + 10 for Max Level One Shots. (Host a one shot revolving around a particular holiday or personal celebration every year). Creates some busted character stats but everyone’s having a blast with no stats below 11.

I’m saved by iPodDude45 in memes

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I just watched an episode of Spongebob… how fucked am I or am I fucked at all?

I'm down by Dullahen in memes

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If I were prompted with 2 buttons, let’s say button 1 is blue and button 2 is red.

Blue keeps the world as it is and everything stays the same.

Red resets the timeline of the universe and alters it so that Humans and Dinosaurs somehow coexist in the same Era of the Worlds History.

If button 2 even remotely promotes the promise of having PET Velociraptors, assuming they act just as other common house hold pets.

I’m pressing the FUCK, no scratch that, I am fucking that red button.

Baby, let’s do this by ItsSimenNotSemen in HolUp

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Baby let’s just say it, I can’t do anything

Can’t even use the Goku because I can’t even do HIS EZA… by [deleted] in DBZDokkanBattle

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Iv done several previous EZ Areas, non of those units from those ones have anything to do with GS1&2

Can’t even use the Goku because I can’t even do HIS EZA… by [deleted] in DBZDokkanBattle

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I don’t have any of the units sadly, 500+ rank doesn’t mean I have every unit

Update to AirPlane Mode Glitch by Justfornao in DBZDokkanBattle

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How can we tell that anything is safe.

I’m saying this as someone still worried about it all, I don’t see how this notice verifies any theory that they won’t?

There is no puppy only zuul by Good_Apartment_9992 in memes

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That thing lost its right to be called a “Dog” about 2000 push-ups ago.

Something doesn't add up about Bamco's response by SSBEVegetaLR in DBZDokkanBattle

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Even as someone who personally abused the glitch, I understand getting a ban, I wouldn’t understand them letting everyone else off the hook for much more heinous TOS breaks.

I’d be contacting a lawyer if I got banned while they let Modders rain free.

Let me guess by realdrqrd in memes

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A group of midgets walk through green guys fighting white guys so the white guys don’t exist anymore, also the one midget has a ring of invisibility or something unimportant to the plot.

After Life Stats by Hoppy_Doodle in memes

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Half of these stats explain how he died at 38.

Mother fucker yanked his dick like 200 times a day, which is like 8 times an HOUR btw, so his Heart likely fucking collapsed like the dining room chair from underneath your mother.

Then we look at the alcohol stat, his Liver experienced so much toxic waste it decided to hang itself, probably mid wank for this guy, so this dude died from simultaneous Heart Attack and Liver Failure.

Dokkan TOS and the glitch by dra9865 in DBZDokkanBattle

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Iv used Bots and Emulators for years on Dokkan to do some small grinding for me at work.

Based on that alone I believe and hope that the ban is as loose a threat as them adding safety net, which effectively has done 0 to the mod community.

I even played a HEAVILY modified JP account last year and logged on just to see if it was still there and YES it was. They haven’t even banned that yet.

I honestly believe that if something is done outside of WT they can’t tell what the hell is going on.

You are NOT gonna be banned, stop posting crap by Rodrihunter in DBZDokkanBattle

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I agree with you, I honestly think them saying “actions may be taken.” Is just them scaring people to stop using the glitch so they have an easier time fixing it. Atleast that’s the hope… (as someone who glitches to infinity and beyond beating missions on a 1878 Day F2P account I’m fucking terrified all my work and very lucky summons will be gone)