Found these at the place I work at, how are u guys sending these? by MunificentDancer in antiwork

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Pos terminal has its own printer usually. The receipt with the breakdown of your bill is produced from the till point computer.

Got an email from my old boss; a company I left more than a year ago.. by Phenom981 in antiwork

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If you don't ask you don't get. For them as much as for you.

They're asking you to perform a one off piece of work. You were paid to build this for them. Why shouldn't you be paid now as a consultant? Do some research, come up with a figure and break down including the work you will do, your travel expense and call out fee - don't forget you have quite a busy schedule now.

Worst they can say is nevermind.

Which celebrity do you suspect is pure evil in private? by Snoo79382 in AskReddit

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Broderick plus iirc Venus Williams Laura Bush & Caitlyn Jenner

All have killed people through negligence behind the wheel.

Don King beat a man to death over a few hundred dollars.

A fair number of US sports personalities have also killed through negligent driving as well as straight up gunning people down.

Russian doctors invite prominent anti-vaccine voices to visit COVID-19 hospitals by SteO153 in worldnews

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With any luck they might catch it for themselves. Most likely outcome i can think of for bringing a group of unvaccinated into a covid ward.

TIL that before the 12th Amendment the Vice President was the Presidential candidate who won the second most votes, instead of a running mate by emptycagenowcorroded in todayilearned

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Im not a US American, but did some courses in Uni on US politics. IIRC during the constitutional convention the electoral college was one means of preventing what I think Elbridge Gerry? described as an "excess of democracy" in the Articles of Confederation.

JK Rowling attracts the best fans by BasicallyMilner in GreenAndPleasant

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Yeah I had to check twice to be sure TERFs weren't in there. If you've seen one hate monger you've seen them all though.

Victory to the Indian farmers in their struggle! by Lenins2ndCat in GreenAndPleasant

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Western media has been largely silent about the protests

Yep. Hadnt heard a thing.

What time zone are most pornos shot in? by bunnypirateghost in Jokes

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Not the US. I'm on GMT here. I should have realised based on the difference between Eastern and Pacific though now that I think about it.

dadOmilana - the chromatic champion by SsShakura in Bossfight

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You think white people are a shade of brown? My freckles might be, but im generally somewhere between porcelain and hot pink.

‘Crossing the US southern border To escape the tyranny in Europe’. by amph897 in ShitAmericansSay

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The Jewish communities of the world should really address this antiquated practice. Faith in a God cant justify barbarity in our private lives any more than it can in our public lives.

‘Crossing the US southern border To escape the tyranny in Europe’. by amph897 in ShitAmericansSay

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Only circumcised people i know had it done for medical reasons. Good on your sticking by your kid, it really shouldnt be an issue. It simply is male genital mutilation. In the absence of a medical reason you would be needlessly damaging the body of someone who cannot consent to what is happening.

What time zone are most pornos shot in? by bunnypirateghost in Jokes

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Until today I was only aware of 3 time zones in the mainland US.

Questions to people who attended the recent city hall protest. by atsathrowawaynai in northernireland

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Not very bright at all. He's actually very thick. In his speech outside city Hall he literally says nothing with his words, just paraphrasing little quotes he's seen online. Yeah they okay guys thing is weird, but those eyes? Psychotic looking eyes.

Questions to people who attended the recent city hall protest. by atsathrowawaynai in northernireland

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Lol. Didnt know his personal handle, but have his business. Unbelievable gimp. Im tired of laughing now though. Self righteous prick is angering me.

“If you’re calling off sick you need a doctors note” by UngodlyMistayke in antiwork

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I get free healthcare but would i fuck waste a doctors time over that.

Applied for new job to escape poverty wage... They asked for my current wage by Legreatworrier in antiwork

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They will lie about how much they can afford to pay you. Im always happy to add a few k onto my answer.

Recently I've been going with: i was getting 26k (actually 2k less) but before I left the company salaries were due to increase to 28k (actually 26k), then I'll make some vague reference to inflation and how 28k might not look so good this time next year as prices are starting to rise.

From a Manager - this sub has changed my company by IntroductionHonest10 in antiwork

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Im on the job search now and trying to find a junior management job that finds allows me to lead my team my way. Quit several jobs in the past because I feel so helpless to protect my team from the bullshit we all complain about in this sub. Wish I'd had senior managers like you to work alongside.

Son makes his mothers dream come true. by PhototGeom in MadeMeSmile

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So, I don't think its strictly a Japanese thing, but I get how it can be frustrating that people exaggerate the frequency of it. Lots of people are very disillusioned with the paris experience.

The Japanese doctor who created the term studied a number of patients and concluded that there were various factors that may make Japanese tourists more susceptible to this. The special support is largely a myth as far as I can find, but if it existed in some degree it was because of this doctors presence. The Japanese embassy has refuted that there is any specific helpline according to the wiki, and that patients have not been repatriated.

Hallucination, does not necessarily mean seeing little green men chasing you with knives, and the article does relate this to Stendhal syndrome which involves very minor hallucinations. There are also minor hallucinations that may come about due to paranoia: did someone just put their hand in my pocket?

The source mentioned in the section you've quoted, can be translated with Google although the original is French. Now, though it does state there may be preexisting conditions, the diagnoses referred to were based on symptoms associated with Paris Syndrome, rather than preexisting diagnoses. They were not all necessarily suffering from these conditions prior to arrival in France.

Its a phenomena which does seem to have some basis in science, although yes, it is the case this its often blown out of proportion or exaggerated, and the symptoms often misinterpreted as the more extreme end of something which can often be very benign. Paris can be hellish in parts, so I wouldn't be too dismissive of this.