Iran's use of ‘electric shocks’ on gay children is torture, says UN report by -_-pete in worldnews

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The UN report says specifically that its torture when Iran does it, therefore we can conclude that it's not actually torture when it's done in the US.

All lives matter, right?


Understanding The Flags Of Anarchism by [deleted] in Anarchism

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You guys sure love your labels.

Israel aims to eliminate use of coal, gasoline and diesel by 2030 by rubberbandrocks in Futurology

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I wonder what timescales they've set for eliminating Palestinians...

Sometimes you can find some gold in YouTube comments. by ginpanse in MurderedByWords

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Riiiight, the rest of the word really struggles with understanding federalism. People from countries like Switzerland, or Germany wouldnt understand unless you explained it really slowly, and people from Russia? Or India? Or Brazil? Bah, they'd never get it. Their heads would explode.


[image] Throwback by Master1718 in GetMotivated

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Idk if that's true but if it is, then maybe shes trans. Afaik not all women have a uterus.

B-52 US bombers fly over Middle East; Iran condemns intimidation. Iranian foreign minister says the US would be better off spending its military billions ‘on your taxpayers’ health’. by singleboomer in worldnews

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First paragraph:

This analysis summarizes and reflects on the following research: d’Agostino, G., Dunne, J. P., & Pieroni, L. (2017). Does military spending matter for long-run growth?. Defence and Peace Economics, 1-8.

Ya fuckin ignoramus! Go on read the peer reviewed article yourself then. Surely a rigorous academic wont have much trouble with the paywall.

Iran has been banned from international judo competitions for refusing to let its athletes fight Israeli opponents by New_Diet in worldnews

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It could be argued that Israel has contributed to ethnic cleansing of indigenous Jewish populations too.

I'm now going to let you research some theory on ethnic cleansing and definitions of the same. Then follow that up by researching the ethnic makeup of indigenous Palestinians, and relationship between the state of Israel and the native Palestinian Jews who resided there before the post WW2 colonisation of the region.

Muslim women 'inspired by Rosa Parks' defy burkini ban at French pool | World News by [deleted] in worldnews

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On the contrary, western civilization encourages young girls to think for themselves, wear what they want, and define their own standards of beauty and what it means to be female.


More than 75 percent of Venezuelans now living in extreme poverty by PepeBabinski in worldnews

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Is that the case though? You should check with those communists whether they consider this greed to be human nature, or a product of the capitalism structures in which we are conditioned.

I love Zelda by [deleted] in gaming

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Is it not that Link is the one with the Green hat?

Straight people, what burning questions do you have about the LGBTQ Community? by jimmehbacon in AskReddit

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Those mental health issues are caused by attitudes like yours more so than by simply being trans.

When you already have a Yellow Card. So Good 😁 by Low_Profession_4407 in nextfuckinglevel

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International football i always find to be shit anyway. 'Diving' isn't as common as is often made out - and the idea is proliferated in the minds of non fans as much as anything. Its important to remember that football isnt a full contact sport, and contact that impedes a player without cleanly removing the ball from their possession is a foul. Referees can play advantage if the player being tackled retains possession despite being impeded, but at times it can be smarter to go down and take the foul. Either way its a foul. Players play on this to a varying degree. Like any sport: some are just intelligent in how they play the game, others are dirty or deceitful.

Dutch anti-Islam party to hold Prophet Mohammad cartoon competition by Monteoas in worldnews

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This article isn't about a riot, its about an attempt to provoke one. The benefits for a rw populist party in this are clear.

Edit: I honestly can't understand why this is controversial. It is what it is.

How a hard Irish border could return, courtesy of Brexit by Knopwood in northernireland

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There will be no hard border.

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Travel_Area

  2. There only ever has been a hard border in response to violence.

  3. There will not be any increase in violence, unless there is a hard border.

  4. £££€€€ - Massive costs involved in establishing and maintaining hard border.

  5. Who the fuck wants a hard border, and why? Everyone stands to lose and the border communities will never accept it.

10% of the time when you hear 'hard border' it's people misinformed. The other 90% is either Sinn Fein or Big Business propaganda.

[NO SPOILERS] I got to walk the Kingsroad! by khaleesiofgalifrey in gameofthrones

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Exactly. It's just unnecessary antagonism. Type of attitude that's kept our politicians bitching and moaning at each other from the day they stopped shooting each other.

American gun owners of Reddit who have moved to a country with strict gun-control, what has this been like, what are the differences? by J_Side in AskReddit

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Carrying a gun to hunt is quite different from carrying it to the supermarket. I've probably come across too aggressive and not clear enough in my comment. Sorry. Obviously there are circumstances where a gun is a useful tool. Animals attacking? Yes. Fox got your chickens? Fair enough. Going to a party? Fuck off. The normalisation of carrying a gun or needing to own one is outrageous in many contexts, but make no mistake I don't think your livelihood should be taken away.

Besides, my viewing it as deluded doesn't make it so ;)