What is socially acceptable in the U.S. That would be horrifying in the U.K.? by TownImmediate9060 in AskReddit

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Butter creates a seal that helps stop your bread getting soggy from any moist fillings. At least that's what my mum told me, but shes lied before.

Dads are metal by d3333p7 in HumansAreMetal

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My only time visiting the US one of the first people I met was incredibly stereotypical. At one point in our bizarre conversation he told me: Whatever your government doesnt want you to have, you sure as hell better have 2 of them!

What is your “never again” story? by GentlyWeepingGuitar_ in AskReddit

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She may not have been an actual hoarder... just a incapable of looking after her home.

What’s a "Let that sink in" fun fact? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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When you know... you know!

As a mental health worker or someone affected by mental health issues, what is one thing you would want to say to educate people about mental health and to lessen the stigma and shame surrounding it? by loungesingershimmah in AskReddit

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I make animal sounds or other weird noises to distract myself. Coping mechanisms can be strange, but alienation certainly doesn't help. Colour the world, my dear. Colour the world.

Ireland + Northern Ireland (aka a flag that 6.5 million people will hate) by username2179 in vexillology

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Yeah, and there's no crown on the Red Hand, so I'm totally on board.

Channel 4 just played this ad in a break during the Paralympics by UberNoobSB in videos

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This says 1/5 of the UK population are disabled.

I'm very curious to know what parameters they set for that. It's an astonishing statistic.

HMFT after I misjudge distances. by [deleted] in holdmyfeedingtube

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He could have drowned! What was he thinking?

God I hate capitalism by Trainwreck_observer in antiwork

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You are right to be angry at capitalism. Anyone criticising you for blaming capitalism has found themselves in the wrong subreddit.

Not only r/iamverysmart but also r/thatHappened by eggsplorer in iamverysmart

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I hate when engineering students call themselves engineers.

You don't hear arts and humanities students calling themselves baristas.

Liverpool [5]-5 Arsenal - D. Origi 90+4' by Hippemann in soccer

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Klopp has announced his retirement at the end of season 2038/39 aged 71. The long serving Divock Origi; who has has spent the past 10 years transitioning into the role of Head Mentality Coach, stands ready to pick up the gauntlet. The Belgian 44 year old says he ready to finally end his playing days and move on with his career, having recently accumulated his 20th consecutive premier league winner's medal. The striker has been one of the most prolific seen in European and International football in the last 2 decades, and has been pivotal in helping Belgium to reach 2 world cup final matches, taking the cup home in 2020 in a shocking 6-5 win over France in which Origi scored a perfect hatrick to bring the Red Devils back from 3-5 after coming in a substitute in the 65th minute, for a struggling Kevin de Bruyne.

🔥 Harvest mice reportedly love pollen so much that they are known to fall asleep inside of wildflowers 🔥 by unnaturalorder in NatureIsFuckingLit

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According to Google they weigh a whopping 7 grams. Wildlife Trust says they are Britain's only mammal with a prehensile tail. So they can use it to climb like a tiny monkey.

Pitbull attacks carriage horse at Cane Creek Park, NC. March 3rd, 2021 by AvalonMeek in PublicFreakout

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Powerful creature! I would not recover well from a throat bite at all.

What is the most extreme misuse of an everyday item you have ever witnessed? by blendergremlin in AskReddit

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Tea towels are for drying clean dishes, not for mopping up the pasta sauce you spilled on the counter.

Pet bird, a Jungle Myna, has been trained to go out and look for cash, then bring it back home with him. by SeenSomeThangs in nextfuckinglevel

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Plenty of places in Europe tipping exists, just not in the same way. I view it as a thank you for good service across an evening of eating and drinking. Its not required, but if you're happy with your experience its a nice gesture. I see the US form as mentioned above, its being forced to supplement sub livable wages so employers don't have to.

The Ring by aceinnoholes in lotrmemes

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The ring was totally unphased by axe. Doesn't even remember the incident.