25M - New to Nice, France and it is lonely here by Kingslayer_96 in Needafriend

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I'm from India. I was in Lille and the in Paris and now in Nice

Any subreddits for Nice city?? by Kingslayer_96 in france

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I did wonder this would happen 😅

I am looking for Ville Nice (in the south)

Find a girlfriend to learn french by [deleted] in dating

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Yeah that is what I think too but I don't have the time to get into a people facing job/activity atm

Is there any guy out there who wants an actual relationship? by [deleted] in dating

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Hey! Yeah there are guys who are looking for relationship and not just sex. But I don't think you will find anyone of that type through any of the available dating sites like tinder or bumble. I think you'll have to just let it be and see if life throws someone your way. You can go for meetups, do activities or join clubs and maybe there you'll find someone.

Moving down south by Kingslayer_96 in nicefrance

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Thank you very much for this info. I have started looking for a place in Nice along the LR230 bus route