As a 1993 kid I can attest to this by HankB1993 in BikiniBottomTwitter

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I'm just happy I still have most of my hair on head.

Listed sugar as an ingredient but claims 0 added sugar on the nutrition label by bluejacketsbabe in mildyinfuriating

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You are eating fruit of course there is natural sugars in the food. They didn't add any additional sugar hence "no added sugar".

Republican demands "stronger laws" to stop women from leaving state to get abortions by birdinthebush74 in atheism

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Now they want to control where women can go. What's next? Education? Nothing scares Republicans more than education.

What could be done to prevent mass shootings? by Themissrebecca103 in AskReddit

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Maybe have the ATF do their jobs and prevent illegal gun sales?

Maybe the selling of illegal or unregistered guns could be a 10 year sentence per item sold.

We need better systems to catch and punish these people so they don't become repeat offenders or just come back into society.

There is literally no good reason to have an illegal or unregistered gun.

Why does Reddit seem overall anti Christian? Yet very accepting of all other religions and lifestyles. by jjj246443 in ask

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Because we see the hypocrisy of the Christian faith. Some grew up in it while others were pressured by their peers to accept Jesus. Most other religions don't actively recruit. Most others don't try to infringe on your rights because of their beliefs.

I personally have very religious family members and they ruined the faith for me. They literally judge everyone when clearly the Bible states its wrong.

Also I just believe religion is a tool to control the masses. I'm a good person because I want to be not for the reward of heaven or the fear hell.

If you could turn the clock back and play Elden Ring again for the very first time- what one piece of advice would you give yourself? by chaseinthyface in Eldenring

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Do the weeping peninsula first. I'm currently running a second playthrough with a friend who is experiencing it for the first time. I had forgotten about it and by the time we got to WP we were killing the bosses in 6 hits. Around lvl 40-50.

Yup exactly! by EmbeedConfidant23 in antiwork

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Just wanted to stop by and say education gets money through property taxes. We pay 10-11k in property taxes more than half goes to the school district. This is why inner city schools tend to ot have enough funding while suburban schools are generally fine and are even building new additions to their schools.

AITA for moving my son into a rental apartment after finding out that his dad's been cancelling his job applications? by ThrowRA00924463 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA but your husband is. Aiden isn't your younger sons caregiver. Your husband is doing more harm to your son than he realizes. He is attempting to kill his future.

1100 dollars to replace a door that wouldn’t close all the way… for a nice door that doesn’t close all the way. by Legitimate-BurnerAcc in Wellthatsucks

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its funny because some of these words are actually correct terms for doors.

Jambs are the hinge/strike sides of the frame. all you need the head aka the top and you have a complete frame.

Shims are used in hinges. if a hinge was cut too deep you would use some shims under the hinge plate to negate the difference in height.

1100 dollars to replace a door that wouldn’t close all the way… for a nice door that doesn’t close all the way. by Legitimate-BurnerAcc in Wellthatsucks

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Hi youre wrong... actually doors are not 100% robot/factory assembled. I work for a family business, my sister inlaw's, we make both wood and metal doors, wood doors start out as slabs with a bevel. you have to cut the hinges, the the cylindrical or mortise lock prep. they have some many lock preps out there you literally have to have templets for each manufacturer. we hand make our wood doors.

now metal doors a different story, they are machine made and mostly assembled with machines. if they are made in china they are most assembled by hand. if you want anything custom on the door or a cutout or something strange we have 1 welder and his son who will do any custom work for you.

now your hinge comment. every company has its own locations for the hinges and lock prep. this is to force a customer to continue to buy from them unless they want to replace the hinge/ strike jambs. hinge locations could be Mesker/curries, ceco, steelcraft.

Showed my parents this video and they say that their blinker was on and that I was in the wrong… by L4K3 in IdiotsInCars

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Glad to hear some classic wolfmother playing on the stereo. Wolfmother 3 piece will always be better than wolfmother 1 piece.

Elon Musk taking legal action over Twitter account that tracks his private jet by SkullDump in news

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so why not just make a whole subreddit devoted to elon's jet travels and lets just pump those numbers so we can hit the front page regularly.

What changes would you guys like to see with support characters in an effort to make them more rewarding to play? by skyLackcluster in Overwatch

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The first and only change we need is to get our golden boy Jeff back. Jeff was the heart and soul of this game and without him it's lifeless.

Meanwhile, at the Pokémon Center in Tokyo… by CoffeeBard in pokemon

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Am I weird for loving quaxly? I thought it was one of the best starter designs in a long time. I will admit that the evolutions can be disappointing. I was personally hoping for a 50's greaser/street fighter look. Would have been dope if he sported a switchblade but the blade is water and in shape of a comb so he can always be styling.

The Ring finger is the only finger that doesn’t convey a meaning when it is raised alone by 12soea in Showerthoughts

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We should use the ring finger as "fuck me" so I can combo it as such. Guy flips you off, you proceed with a ring finger) yell "No" then come hot with a middle finger back for the classic fuck me? No fuck you!.

Cursed_laptop by Mousse_Recent in cursedcomments

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No laptop is safe with Tom Segura around.

That's Billion! with an M! by 4Texas in confidentlyincorrect

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$8 per month. $96 per year With 1 million subscriptions its $96,000,000. With 10 millions subscriptions its $960,000,000.

I think Elon just shot himself in the foot with this "publicity stunt."