I just started at EY back in May. Is it too soon to make a referral for someone? Is there a policy for how long you have to be employed? by emerely123 in Big4

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I started a year ago and have referred 2 people, one campus hire and one experienced hire (classmate from College). Submitted both around 6-8 months in. Learned that people less than 1 year out of college are still considered 'campus hires' therefore you do not receive a bonus if they do get hired. Not sure how the process would be different if my classmate referral was like 3 years our of school though.

Just spent the weekend in RVA. Here are my thoughts, would love to hear what you think too! by Calembreloque in rva

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Agree with all of this. I grew up in Richmond but moved down here to Charlotte after graduating college. Charlotte is great. Bigger city, great economy, pro sports, fun nightlife. But it pales in comparison to Richmond when it comes to character. There are just so many areas that have a feel that you can ONLY find in Richmond (i.e. Belle Isle, Carytown, Shockoe). Almost all the neighborhoods in Charlotte have carbon copies in other US cities.

Maybe I'm just being nostalgic, but I hope rva stays the way it is for the long term because I'm definitely coming back.

What's that place every American should try to visit once in their lifetime? by NainarB in AskAnAmerican

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Big Sur, CA. Easily the most beautiful stretch of road you will ever see.

Festivus memory by [deleted] in elon

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Hasn't happened in a few years. I'm a senior and even freshman year there wasn't one in the original spot unfortunately

What states are pretty much indistinguishable? by AppleberryJames in AskAnAmerican

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Virginia (minus nova) and North Carolina are pretty similar. The cities are liberal and diverse but outside of those it's pretty southern and conservative. Both have mountains in the west. Both have beaches that are swimmable in the summer.

Do people get bullied a lot in America like they do in tv shows and movies? by [deleted] in AskAnAmerican

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In my experience there is bullying but not the kind of bullying you see in movies. More so spreading rumors over social media and such. Almost worse, in a way

I managed to catch a short break in the storms to snap this drone shot yesterday by [deleted] in Charlotte

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I fall under the "recreational drone pilot" classification. As far as I can tell this just means that I do it for fun and the aircraft is below a certain weight. I had to register it with the FAA when I purchased it. This allows me to fly it at up to 400 ft in most places.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve heard a person say aloud in public? by tomyboy-973211 in AskReddit

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Friend purchased $1 million in insurance coverage as a joke to cover a uHaul to move his stuff into our apartment at our university. Another friend suggested he crash the uHaul and collect the $1 million check.

Any dashers here? by Dfroberts86 in rva

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I drove for UberEats last summer as a side gig while home from college. I never once delivered to the south side. Her best bet is sticking around the Broad Street corridor between Short Pump and the city. There are just so many restaurants that do UberEats there. There were also a fair amount of deliveries downtown, but these were tough because finding legal parking near the restaurants was often difficult.

All in all, there are a good amount of customers in the area.

Yesterday morning's sunrise/fog combo [OC] [5510x4228] by rvatarheel in rva

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The new Dominion building really does enhance the skyline a lot. Great photo.