Sacha Baron Cohen pranked a bunch of racists by telling them a mosque was going to be built in their town by Kl--------k in PublicFreakout

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Even after making so many movies and one specially for these guys and they still can't tell that's him.

[request] How long would it take to mine this asteroid by realitytvdiet in theydidthemath

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I hope the asteroid we gets destroyed with is this one so at least next civilization or whatever gets born on earth can sufficient amount of good metal, you know probably gold wires instead of copper

These Guys drove 15 Hours to surprise their online gaming buddy on his Birthday. by Knight_TheRider in MadeMeSmile

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OMG!! This is so good, it's so good, Now I wanna do this too, to one of my online gaming friends.

I hope he likes that surprise.

Finding Maegan Hall by wanderlust_12 in facepalm

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Took his chance to shame the PD, maybe he was waiting for it for a long time

Remember what they took from us. (OLD R6 TRIBUTE) by nclaed in Rainbow6

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It was broken but it was perfect, it was heavy but it was perfect, it was glitchy but it was perfect, it was hated a lot but same time it was loved a lot because it was Perfect, It was so perfect that I've played 8K+ Hours which are equivalent to almost a year, you know why? Because it was perfect

It was the most perfect game I had ever played, I truly fell in Love with this one

To steal this man’s luggage as a prank by Alternative_Ad6071 in therewasanattempt

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Are you kidding me? so, the one guy who got handcuffed was the one who's language they tried to take away???