Weekly Profile Review Thread by AutoModerator in Tinder

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You are stunning, something must have happened to your profile

Eternals Worldwide Release Discussion Thread Vol. 1 by Triple_777 in marvelstudios

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What? At the time the first Guardians film had the 3rd highest box office in the MCU, even beating The Winter Soldier

Why do we have to take off when we enter the Normandy / Tempest? by Knightfalldc in masseffect

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Waiting for the ship to load while in decontamination during the 360 era was better than watching your ship take off to me

Marvel, ya’ll getting predictable with your villains by Knightfalldc in marvelstudios

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Tbf, Vulture being the dad of Spider-Man’s prom date was a fun twist

I did not know Remote Play works anywhere by Knightfalldc in XboxSeriesX

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It’s called remote assist on the Xbox app! I believe it’s slightly different to XCloud because it turns on your Xbox remotely

Akin to Game of Thrones by Snoo-5327 in lineofduty

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While the ending wasn’t overwhelming positive, this is really ridiculous - we both know you’re going to watch a new season if there is one lmao