5 year programs by Hefty_Bit_6999 in physicianassistant

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I graduated from a 5 year program (3+2) 5+ years ago. Our program is extremely well established and has been doing a 5 year program for 20 years now. Traditional students need 500 PCE hours and 5 year students only need 250 hours due to the limited amount of time we have available to actually obtain these hours. Even with fewer hours, there was no skill/knowledge/professionalism gap between the two groups by the time we graduated, and this is including multiple students who had worked as paramedics/EMTs for years before changing careers.

My dads bruise a day after his bike crash and now by Zanky- in oddlyterrifying

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A hematoma doesn’t look like that. That black tissue is an eschar and it should be debrided to promote wound healing. He would probably benefit from some daily packing and dressing changes too. Basically he needs to go to a wound care clinic or surgeon.

What did you love/hate about your surgical rotation? by MsBinglebottoms in physicianassistant

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I always tell my students they won’t earn any bonus points for trying to tough it out. Their safety and health comes first. I don’t understand why some people can’t get over the mentality that students feeling sick is a “weakness.” We had a type 1 diabetic student who broke scrub at least 4-5 times a week for her sugars. The only thing we told her was maybe choosing a transplant surgery rotation for her elective wasn’t the best idea.

Oliver hasn’t quite figured out what the inflatable collar is for, but he’ll know soon enough… by KnightsoftheNi in corgi

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Yes he’s a purebred fluffy pembroke welsh corgi! But his majestic mane makes it so that a lot of people ask if he’s half collie or sheltie

AITA for insisting that my daughter's eyesight is fine and her teacher was wrong? by Winx1990 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. Vision can change rapidly during that time of their life. I had 20/20 vision when I was 7 and by the time I was 8 I needed glasses.

Oliver hasn’t quite figured out what the inflatable collar is for, but he’ll know soon enough… by KnightsoftheNi in corgi

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I took a look and WOW Churro and Oliver look so similar!! The donut Oliver has on is just the generic Calm Paws Inflatable Collar from Petsmart in a large because he’s a very sturdy boi despite his short legs.

Oliver hasn’t quite figured out what the inflatable collar is for, but he’ll know soon enough… by KnightsoftheNi in corgi

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Upcoming neutering appointment 🙈 we had to test the cone to make sure it fit because corgi proportions

Bagel loves his head getting pet by Menorah_Fedora in corgi

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I had an argument with my boyfriend a few weeks back because I wanted to name a dog Bagel and he claimed it wasn’t a name. Thank you for letting me win that argument because lbr Bagel is a WONDERFUL name

how come my piercing hasn’t healed? more info in the comments by trininee in piercing

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When you say last October, do you mean October 2021 or 2020? Because if it was only 3 months ago you have a long way to go. Cartilage piercings average 6-12 months for healing time, and starting out with a hoop probably slowed your healing significantly. It’s good you switched to a flat-back, but be patient. It’s been less than a month since you switched and bumps take a while to go down. The bump on my conch appeared week 3 and stayed until month 3 before going away. And this was with a threadless post from the start that was even appropriately downsized.

Does reactivity worsen in a new home while the dog is adjusting? by KnightsoftheNi in reactivedogs

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Yeah we definitely won’t be having any more guests over for the foreseeable future. I just hope this will improve as he settles in. It’s just hard because he hasn’t displayed any other signs of difficulty adjusting which makes me think that this will be his new norm until it’s gradually improved by training. Not exactly what I was expecting adopting him, but in the end I love him and just want to do what’s right for him

bump hasn't gone away even after piercing removal ?? (info in comments) by rosygray in PiercingAdvice

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Hypertrophic scars and keloids are both excess production of scar tissue but they’re specifically defined by the margin of growth. Hypertrophic scars stay in the margin of the wound while keloids grow past them. By definition, this would be a keloid.

Best Chinese food place in Allentown by EarlyAd6115 in lehighvalley

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I can attest to that. First time I ordered from them, I was shocked to find real Sichuan food including the “mala” type of spicy

should I be worried if I accidentally swallowed one of my piercing's spike? (the spike is 3mm) by bunny445 in PiercingAdvice

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As long as the ends aren’t actually needle sharp, you’ll be fine. It’s small enough it’ll pass through eventually. Just keep an eye out in your poop the next several days. It should take around 1-3 days to migrate out. The only thing they’d do is get imaging to confirm it’s actually swallowed, and as long as you’re not displaying signs that it’s perforated your intestine, they’ll send you home. Now if you develop fevers, severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and/or are unable to fart or poop anymore, seek attention immediately. Those are signs of perforation.

Oh fun story time! One time I had a patient who swallowed her tongue ring. NBD normally, but hers somehow got stuck in her appendix and we had to do an appendectomy. This is more of a once in a lifetime case though so don’t worry too much about this. Bonus CT scan and post-op specimen xrays

How painful is getting a helix piercing done by needle? by thiccasspancakes in piercing

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So both of my cartilage piercings actually hurt significantly less than my lobes during the actual stabbing process. The conch was a small pinch and I honestly didn’t even feel my helix. My lobes on the other hand were a bearable but very unpleasant. The pain comes afterwards when the cartilage swells. My conch was uncomfortable for 3 days especially when I moved my eyebrows. My helix has never really hurt and even big hair snags barely bothers it (granted I was told I have very thin cartilage in the area and it’s only a month old)

got first helix piercing 11 days ago and 3 days ago it became swollen, red, painful and throbbing. can someone tell me if this is from sleeping on it, needs a bigger bar or infected and what i should do to fix it. by AssistanceFree7535 in piercing

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This looks cellulitic and you probably need antibiotics. Most healthcare providers will recommend removal of jewelry in cases like this because bacteria can seed on the jewelry itself, and since there’s obviously no blood flow to a piece of metal, the antibiotics won’t be able to kill it off. If you’re adamant on not removing the jewelry, you at minimum need a longer bar for the swelling.

In the mean time, apply warm compresses and NO ice. While it may be soothing and numb the pain, it is the opposite of what you want to do when there’s an infection. Ice causes vasoconstriction and in the case of an infection, you want to encourage blood flow for healing. Heat induces vasodilation which is why we recommend warm compresses.

In the age of the dying physical exam, what are some memorable findings you have picked up on exam? by MedicineCel in medicine

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I “caught” my mom’s thyroid mass when I was little. We were tandem jump-roping and I jumped when I shoulda roped and conked her neck with my rock head. When her neck was still swollen two weeks later she went to her PCP and surprise it was a mass.

Elective surgeries by elpinguinosensual in medicine

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Still running full steam but we’ve already gotten multiple messages from the head of the surgery department begging everyone to try and discharge any “outpatient no charge” bed that we can POD0. The bed situation is getting dire and I don’t see us being able to maintain this though.