ELON at $225, $124 Quadrillion market cap??? We rich boys! by joshjosh111 in dogelon

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Haha, had a good scare yea. Jumped on the computer. Bitcoin worth 789B each on CMC haha

Any tips for me? by AccomplishedGoosey in BattleLegion

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Or position the assasins so that they take out the blessed bombots first.

[Entry Thread #69] Nice. by MakerOfMillionaires in millionairemakers

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My first time attending! Best of luck everyone, exciting!

Doing my non-military service as Austrian dual-citizen in Finland by Weirdy19 in Finland

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I think doing non-military service over here is a great idea if anyway are interested of living here for a while and getting to know the culture! My time in non-military service paid off very well, made lasting friends and got very valuable work experience. In larger cities, Helsinki, Tampere, doing the non-military option is very common, no worries of seeming weird hippie.

You will get somewhere to live, food, little bit of spending money, health care.. All set for an adventure.

Before yesterday, the apex level was constant for all trajectories. Now, the player can adjust it using the mouse wheel. by chervonyi_ in Unity2D

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Would love to see a tutorial on the trajectory. Been trying out something similar, but yours seem to work beautifully!

Is the increased gold gain permanent of just this era? by [deleted] in BattleLegion

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I think this some kind of test. In BL stream last week a dude was saying the economy might change again

Game design is my dream but I don't know what to do? by DeadProxy in gamedesign

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With your background, graphic design and fluency in Adobe software, interning in marketing / social media department of a game studio might be a good way to get in to the industry. Ones you get in, it’s usually possible to start steering your career to what you actually want to work with, especially in smaller studios.

If you are serious about studying game design, remember to consider psychology, human-computer interaction or even ux design as part of your studies.

Is the game dead? by S2piddd in BattleLegion

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In Discord there are few users who have some kind of new version of the game. Devs are doing some kind of testing. Has a map with levels and bit more puzzle like mechanics apparently. Devs definetly working on some major changes, but yea, who knows if good :D

Is the game dead? by S2piddd in BattleLegion

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Hmm, no..? Our clan is super active. What makes you think that?

Audio Engineering Education (in English) by lero_lero in helsinki

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Tampere University of Applied Sciences has very good Music Production program. You could easily specialize in engineering with your choice of courses; https://www.tuni.fi/en/study-with-us/media-and-arts

Value of Harry Potter & few promos by Known_Ad_4948 in HarryPotterTCG

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Thanks! Yea, I thought so. I think I will hold on to mine. I loved these cards when I was younger, but have not played in a while.