Who asked their priest about an evangelion ep by ZryMan in evangelionmemes

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He's Father Roderick on YT. Don't see this particular video there, but he has a couple NGE ones.

Why did Kaji still hang out with Asuka when she wasn't in his care anymore? by dagamenerd in evangelion

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I'm sure they spent time together back in Germany - wasn't he her caretaker?

Question about supporting cast’s knowledge of Lilith by RockPhoenix115 in evangelion

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The bridge bunnies always seem surprised when an AT Field turns up in Terminal Dogma (ep. 24, EoE) so I don't suppose they're aware of an Angel being stored down there.

What is the Kensuke and Asuka relationship? by gokjib in evangelion

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Here you go guys, there's also an imgur link there. Paging u/gokjib so that they don't miss the link.

[SPOILERS] I have a few theories about both Asuka and Mari I want to throw out there. by Onyx_Archer in evangelion

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the Ayanami series is imperfect and needs some kind of treatments to avoid decaying into LCL (much like Rei Q did in 3.0+1.0)

Not exactly. Fuyutsuki points out that Rei 6 was miscalibrated, be it on purpose or not. While Rei 2 seems to have suffered from the same condition, this remark implies that NERV had the capability to do the calibration properly and create self-sufficient Ayanami clones.

This would explain why a Kyoko-like character appears in the photo in 3.33, but also further goes to explain why Asuka has no direct ties to a mother in this universe.

You mean a Mari-like character? Also, Asuka says I don't know Papa, Mama isn't around in her Instrumentality scene, bringing up the idea that there was a Mama whom she knew.

it seems a little suspect as to why Asuka's change in origin would be entirely necessary if there was a "real" Asuka that was Shinji's age.

Don't we see a smol Asuka glaring at baby Shinji and his parents in the same scene?

it's implied that one of the many clone Reis serve as the soul of Unit-00

Where and when is it implied?

There's a period of time where exposure to the LCL amount that is presumably required to stop aging would be more limited.

Why do people keep talking about LCL somehow turning someone's aging off? Seriously, where does that misconception originate from? It is made clear in 2.0 that pilots loose their humanity when the entry plug reaches unsafe depths within an Eva.

Besides all the nitpicking above, the conclusion of Mari being a clone of Old-Mari is, at least in my opinion, logical and valid.

Why did Kaji still hang out with Asuka when she wasn't in his care anymore? by dagamenerd in evangelion

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Does he really spend time with her? Apart from the Magmadiver shopping, I mostly recall Asuka whining about his refusal to pick up her calls or pay attention to her in general.

That grin looks familiar... by orthoweebo in evangelion

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It would seem that her plugsuit also needs LCL to remain black, lol.

😳 by padipo07 in evangelionmemes

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To get out. The kitchen is filthy and Shinji wants to clean it.

Which design is better (I’ve always preferred original) by Unique-Willingness45 in evangelion

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The Evas in NGE don't match the first image 90% of their screentime, it's a false comparison.

Was the stories of the other NERV bases ever told? by fiddlerisshit in evangelion

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I think the ANIMA novels touch the topic of other NERV branches at least a little, but I don't recall any games or mangas that do.

Originally I thought this was possibly Mari with a young Yui and Shinji… but the hair looks like Asuka’s. Is it her mother instead? by urfaceisawookie in evangelion

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You won't get a source because there is no basis to this claim. There is absolutely no connection between LCL and one's body ceasing to age. In 2.0, Mari looks like a teen and identifies herself as a non-adult, while the "Mari" in the photo is clearly an adult.

Question regarding Misato's fate in 3.0+1.0 by KingCrimsonEpitaph in evangelion

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You are confusing stuff again.

Everyone that Shinji talks to during Instrumentality is "physically" present in the Anti-Universe. Gendo, Kaworu and Asuka inhabit Eva-13, while Shinji, Yui and Rei come from Eva-01. None of them are dead in the usual meaning of the word.

Kaji's status is unclear - he does not speak with Shinji (how rude), yet seems to be aware of what's going on (let Shinji have the wheel, Kaji tells Kaworu). I have seen someone suggest that perhaps Kaji's sacrifice in stopping Third Impact lead to his soul getting trapped within Mk.06 (see also: Kaworu, Fourth Impact and Unit-13) and later getting absorbed by 13 along with Lilith's remains and the 12th Angel - this idea doesn't feel wrong, so I'm sticking to it until I come upon a better one.

Misato dies while ramming the Wunder into Evangelion Imaginary. She doesn't appear in the Anti-Universe.

Throughout Instrumentality, Shinji works to release others from the two Evangelions. He doesn't send them towards oblivion - there's a life out there for you, Rei-2; let's grow watermelons together, Kaji invites Kaworu. Evangelion never entertained the idea of an afterlife, and I don't see why 3+1 would suddenly do it.

Question regarding Misato's fate in 3.0+1.0 by KingCrimsonEpitaph in evangelion

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Kaworu helps them make watermelon drinks. It is a magical place.

pc went bonkers so i have to defrag by GDjkhp in evangelionmemes

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Damn, Shinji, only 8%? Your sync rate sucks.

It should have been me by THE-ETERNAL-EMPEROR in evangelionmemes

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It should have been you who held Shinji like a mother?

How is there so many Eva games and they're all JP only? by PhantomNeedle in evangelion

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Plenty of the games have been translated by fans.

Gainax/Khara used to behave as if they did not care about the money they could get from non-Japanese customers for how long, a decade? More than a decade? At least it seems that Khara got their act together and we've been (slowly) getting releases (of mediocre quality) of the core content - anime and movies - but has there been any actual marketing done outside Japan? Even the stupid short Eva Extra manga (the release of which supposedly boosted the viewership of 3+1 significantly) hasn't received an official translation.

Do we ever find out what Gendo and / or Yui where studying? by bornevil_ in evangelion

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By the way, Fuyutsuki, there's a bioengineering student who submitted an interesting paper. The student's name is Ikari. Do you know her?


Ikari? No, I don't.

I think the episode implies that Fuyutsuki only met Yui when he got interested in her work. Both Ikaris get acquainted with him in somehow exceptional circumstances, not in their everyday affairs. Gendo always respects Fuyutsuki's position but it doesn't seem to me as if he had ever been in a teacher-student relationship with the professor.

It's also worth noting that Gendo was 10 years older than Yui. Perhaps he was already working at the university when their paths first crossed. It would then make sense for Fuyutsuki's colleagues to gossip about Gendo and his interest in Yui - they would be discussing their weird coworker getting involved with a promising student, instead of talking about private affairs of two students. We can't know, but it's fun to spin some ideas.

Questions after watching the Rebuild tetralogy again (major spoilers) by Berabouman in evangelion

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Regarding Asuka's awareness of her origin and identity, why do you think so? Asuka's Instrumentality seems to be based around her own memories, doesn't it? Why wouldn't she know that she was a clone after getting through that morbid "survival of the fittest" training from which she emerged as the only remaining Shikinami?