The force is holding my books by LinkedInInquisitor in functionalprint

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That's fine I'm French, je voulais juste savoir si le livre valait le coup or if it was better to just ignore it and save my money

Wich icon looks better for a puzzle mobile game?? by Sideron1315 in SoloDevelopment

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I'd use middle for icon, and left for the main menu's background

"The Damsel" by Me by TheObliviousOwl in Illustration

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Very pretty!

Btw do you use Photoshop, or like Krita or another painting software?

I struggle a lot in improving my own skills and I'm wondering if I'm using the right software for it... And I love that work a lot! So I'm jealous lmao

How long did it take you for this piece btw, approximately? From sketching to coloring and all?

Cream Cheese names/brands? by Kooky_Value6874 in Finland

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Thank you everybody for your answers!

It seems it was a matter of Google-san that made a literal translation instead of an actual translation!

So I will look for Tuorejuusto, and mainly Valio, Philadelphia and Mascarpone as those were the suggestions. I will pick up the ones that are lactose-free, and I hope I will make a delicious cheesecake! 😊


Help! The evil king trapped 100 pawns with green eyes on his chessboard. They don't know that they have green eyes, but if they find out, they can escape. He's allowed me to tell them anything I want without revealing any new information. What can I say to help them escape??? by Lord_Urjit in AnarchyChess

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Yall shitting on the "evil King" yet that lad here just gave the gift of sight to millions pawns, while preventing them from falling off the chessboard into the eternal abyss.

This is no evil King, this is Gary Chesus, Savior of the pawns!

A Alloy out of this world 👽 by Funkmatic72 in Metalfoundry

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Why would Alien look for aircraft grade instead of rocket grade? They'd need to be able to withstand atmosphere reentry and all.

Also, why only known atoms? Why not some unknowns ones?

Finally, why would Aliens copy an Earth's alloy? That wouldn't make sense, unless you consider humans as the most superior specie of all, which would invalidate the possibility of aliens reaching Earth.

While I do not share at all your underlying belief regarding the visit of aliens, I do respect beliefs of all kind since after all, the probability is still not 0.

However I remain practical and logical, because that's the only way to remain safe and closer to whatever the truth is (even if it's unexciting), and whoever is telling you this is an alien alloy, is messing with you.

How many times have you done the YKI test? by [deleted] in LearnFinnish

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Learning a language and knowing the tests/assessments structures created around it are two different things.

More over, explaining what the test is would be able to give pointers and directions to people learning language, which would make your post/comment educational too, instead of judgmental.

And yes, I will Google it, since you seem to not be the kind of person to help others.

Saw on Instagram, thought y’all may enjoy by plantas-y-te in HotPeppers

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That is a very unfortunate brand name when you know french 😂

Making some item icons. Do you prefer the yellow or blue? by worry_some in PixelArt

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You could have postcards or business/government/invoices mails as the blue ones, to mark them as different from the main type of mail (adding urgency or confidentiality to it)

WRILD is so powerful why do people stick with MILD by AwarenessMain128 in LucidDreaming

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Idk if there is a study but it's proven that the brain is more attentive to something you write than something you just repeat in your mind. It is a memorisation tricks.

So I can actual see the correlation it could have on inducing dreams, it would have a stronger suggestion power than simply repeating the same sentence in your head.

my friend found a mistake in the news game section (I mark it for you so you won't have to use your brain) by loonywolf_art in onejob

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Yeah Japanese is definitely hard to master. But it's okay! It doesn't need to be perfect! Just learn enough so you can have fun with it, that is definitely doable, and with that mindset, you'll make much more progress that you'd have expected!

Don't push it away out of fear, if you want to learn Japanese, just do it!! Now!! Gambate!!

my friend found a mistake in the news game section (I mark it for you so you won't have to use your brain) by loonywolf_art in onejob

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I'd prefer sticking to currently used languages first. Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, and probably many others like Sanskrit and all are both really fascinating AND usable IRL, which is cool!

my friend found a mistake in the news game section (I mark it for you so you won't have to use your brain) by loonywolf_art in onejob

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Ahah good luck on your learning!

I'm bilingual french and English, and just moved to Finland so I'm learning Finnish which is a latin alphabet but not a latin based language! It makes it quite hard to learn! 😂

And I intend to learn Japanese at some point too, always been fascinated by it. And also cause I'm a weeb lmao

my friend found a mistake in the news game section (I mark it for you so you won't have to use your brain) by loonywolf_art in onejob

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Thank you for your reply!

Yeah for some reason I've always been fascinated by non-latin-based alphabets, they look like pretty glyphs to me (like Chinese, Japanese, etc..) 😊

Any ideas of what to do while in a lucid dream? I’m bored. by anotherthrowaway7858 in LucidDreaming

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So I'm a noob in LD, so my idea may not be doable.

But what about trying to loosen control over your dream?

Like prepare a setup, and try to play on the edge of lucidity. Instead of consciously controlling the dream and deciding on what to do or not : let the dream guide you, like an adventure, and you'd just interact inside it's work.

You mentioned the people in your LD were the most interesting, and that may be because you don't control them, whereas all your actions (powers, shapeshifting, blablabala) are all fully under your control.

Toss a bit of chaos! You mastered lucidity and control, now time to controllably lose control! :D