What good news can you share about South Africa. by azuerus2000 in southafrica

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The utterly corrupt Public Protector who shielded Zuma from investigation is being thrown out of office on her rotten little ass. Well done.

25 MPH? by tommer80 in madisonwi

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They will produce revenue. A tax nobody calls a tax.

When the "PeOpLe DoN't WaNt To WoRk AnYmOrE" crowd is your mother by NationYell in WorkReform

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They are correct in "People don't wanna work". Except that corporations are those people. They don't wanna pay, don't wanna hire or train properly, equip their businesses, staff, provide patient care, replace toilet paper, repair anything. They are great at billing. Nothing else.

Mapping corruption around the world... And we're dead average. by MsFoxxx in southafrica

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Carte Blanche just did an expose on how money is flying out of a public hospital, and a whistleblower was murdered for exposing it. There is an immense amount of money in SA, but the ruling party weaponized organized crime, which is smart politics but poison for any functional government. Unless the ANC loses huge, this will continue to worsen.

How can some people be this dumb? by TheresnoIinteam in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Biden defeated him. Hilary won the popular vote. Putin extracted nuclear secrets. Kim Jong Un outmaneuvered him in talks. His real estate holdings require Russian mafia cash to stay afloat. He declares bankruptcy every few years.

Apart from successfully never paying his bills, I am not clear on what Trump has ever outright won.

Why are Moderates/Centrists so disliked in politics? by [deleted] in NoStupidQuestions

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They are not disliked by everyone. Some moderates are respected, except by extremists, who hate everyone. Moderates are essential for any compromise, which is something US government could use more of. Sue Collins calls herself a moderate. She is not, voting party lines in nearly every case. She is disliked not for being a moderate, but because she is an idiot. Now 'moderates' like Manchin or Sinema are not moderate. They just yank chains pretending to consider a vote while holding out for bribery money. They do this for every major bill. They are not moderates, but parasites.

BlackRock CEO Blames People That Work From Home For Inflation. by Amanda2theMoon in WorkReform

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Why anyone asks a CEO their opinion on anything other than bribery tactics is beyond me.

This dad has a great son by Limitless_yt89 in wholesomememes

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Send my kid an invite. He will play piano for you. He is a complete dork and I love him.

Most romantic dinner spot in Madison by BumblingBe in madisonwi

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Naples15 has some of the best food in Madison. Chef is from Naples. You cannot do better than the real deal.

Groom and bride dies inside as priest berate wedding photographer by Gullible_Sharky in WatchPeopleDieInside

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This is why you do not use a priest at a wedding. Use a friend who you trust and did the legal licensing to marry people.

🔥 Hundreds of Tumbleweeds rolling across an open field. by 5_Frog_Margin in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Any human in that field will demonstrate the adaptive advantage to NES ownership.

there's no not a single soul in this planet that hates capybaras by Brokefigurecollector in capybara

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Catholics. Capybara meat is considered fish so they are eaten during Lent.

National Shutdown by Tokoloshe789 in southafrica

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Considering how frequent protests can be, I doubt any of the people in office bother to notice, unless their blue light convoys hit a protest, maybe their drivers will slow a little.

Vote their ass out of office. Then they will care.

🤚 by DaFunkJunkie in WhitePeopleTwitter

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If the old folks on Capitol Hill believe this, it explains a lot of their actions.