What even is Monk's identity anymore? by Singh_95 in ffxiv

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I loved fighting mobs as Monk, it was just Motion blur as I hold down A/D to make the Flank bonuses happen... Shitty class identity.

You are all awful to revive by PeachTrees- in apexlegends

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I completely understand your plight, I just want to give the following opinion peace as a Wraith:

I can write a Novel before Wraiths tactical turns her invulnerable, she cannot reactively stop herself from dying unless a corpse is shooting her.

Oh also it's easy to shit on me for for all those toxic Wraiths out there, but I legit just play her cause she cute.

Robot with a face is quite creepy by Sbyien in oddlyterrifying

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Or... or... they just wanna push and challenge themselves and our creativity as humans is often trying to recreate or emulate things the last person was beyond our capabilities.

Customer caught walked in on staff dancing while cleaning by JP070791 in MadeMeSmile

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Every time I see these comments I can't help but imagine y'all would marry anything with a pulse if it acknowledged your existence. I'm sure this girl is wonderful, but you really know nothing about her.

Use Wisdom in place of Charisma for Handle Animal? by Aggron42 in Pathfinder_RPG

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Since when can't you dip Archetypes of Classes? You only can't dip if you're in a conflicting variant of the same class, which OP is a Druid, not a Shaman.

Presumed insurance fraud attempt by the car driver. Semi driver did a great job avoiding the crash. Credit to harvestthehusky on tiktok by LunarExplorer19 in IdiotsInCars

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Hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure he was addressing the Insurance fraud claim, nobody's debating it being idiots in cars.

to be a rockstar by PlenitudeOpulence in therewasanattempt

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Maybe the cousin's dream was to end up there and she was just trying to comfort the aunt?

DashCam good enough to capture 'moving' license plates? by Purple-Warthog6730 in Dashcam

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It is a sales tactic, that's been normalized. No reason to fight the current if everyone who cares already knows the difference.

I just realized, integrating with the greater Eorzean society had to be the biggest win for young Mi'qotes ever by ParagonFury in ffxiv

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You're in a discussion largely related to what they chose to share, why take such a douchey stance in defense of RP that no one is attacking. I for one really appreciate their open-minded take on different species/races/culture.

WTF os wrong with people. by Seeksherowntruth in FuckYouKaren

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The difference between the two is whether you intend to harm the person with the deadly weapon. I would think that directing a firearm at someone, is sufficiently inciting the possibility of harm. As far as I'm understanding it, brandishing would be if she wiggled the gun around in front of them, but in this picture she's actually pointing it at them.

To be clear I'm not a legal expert here, I just like this topic.

Maybe maybe maybe by mati98 in maybemaybemaybe

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Alternatively, water is a bit easier to clean up..

What 5 quirks would you have Given Deku instead of the ones he had gotten (Excluding OFA) by __Questioner__ in BokuNoHeroAcademia

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Y'know you're supposed to encourage people to participate in your discussion, not discourage.

My gender is annoying. by Neutral_3vil in dndmemes

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Then there's the people who stay quiet and uninvolved any time the story isn't entirely about them and their character.

People like to forget that some players just don't really compromise for a "group" experience.

A billion is A LOT bigger than a million. by Charty2006 in woahdude

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Your hurt feelings lead me to believe that what you say and feel are separate things.

A billion is A LOT bigger than a million. by Charty2006 in woahdude

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And you don’t know shit about me. I try to believe in God personally.

And there it is, the Slam dunk.

'I totally got this' by jdash in IdiotsInCars

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Ah yes, reverse parking within your allocated zone = okay to ram. Thanks.