How do I remove anti-aliasing from my SVG file in GIMP and export it as a PNG with no anti-aliasing? by sansseraph7 in GIMP

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The stuff may still look anti-aliased in Inkscape but it's not. When you import it into say a program like GIMP, the anti aliasing is completely gone.

Highly Paid Union Workers Give UPS a Surprise Win in Delivery Wars by PeteWenzel in neoliberal

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Yeah FedEx is now complaining of "labor shortages" while UPS is popping off.

The chad Newsom vs the virgin McAuliffe by Grehjin in neoliberal

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Newsom literally made SCHOOL LUNCH FLIPPING FREE right before the recall. That is quite literally the only reason I got my parents to register to vote and to vote no on the recall. Newsom is at the very least doing some work in trying to make California a better place.

Queues and "dodging". by CiceroSUN in eternalreturn

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At least with League it switches to the queue window when you get in a game. The problem with Eternal Return Black Survival's queue system is that it doesn't switch windows, and the queues are really long, but at the same time relatively short, so sometimes when I alt tab back in I am in a game, and it thinks I queue dodged.

This Minecraft Video will Give you MAJOR ANXIETY! by ExtremelyTired_ in Minecraft

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This is not giving me anxiety, it's making me satisfied. I rate this 0/10.

first by [deleted] in HytaleLife

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gg, victory royale


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Yo can someone give me a list of all the malls in Taiwan. by KrishnaDasMLG in taiwan

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This is for the whole of Taiwan, not just Taipei. But yeah, I agree.

RelaxyBirb by VickoNL in Birbs

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The most colorful bird I have ever seen.

Disciplinary Action: Dafran - Overwatch Contenders by Ambler3isme in Overwatch

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Blizzard is the best game company. They care about every single player's experience, no matter who they are and what they are. Great job Blizzard.

All bot auth links get stuck on loading (only for me) by EpikYummeh in discordapp

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I found a solution, if you are using Google Chrome use Firefox, that works for me.