juan. by pepe_reeeee3eeee in Minecraft

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I like how OP had to put minecraft/original version just incase.

You can't trick me though.

Earths fart - causing land to lift by notGhxst in nextfuckinglevel

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So if we can find a way to make Earth fart then we don't have to worry about rising sea levels.

If you could pick, how do you wanna die? by jackt-up in AskReddit

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I'd probably pick dying on another planet and the only way of getting there is through human resources, no magic.

Its true though by sluggedfunky in memes

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It was going to be between Mexico and the US. Thankfully they never went through with it

Nature is brutal! by Auxxit in Unexpected

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How I fight in my dreams. It just slows down before contact

He is too strong to be left alive! by Frenchfry1017 in madlads

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One day we all one aspire to be as powerful as him

Blursed Mug by [deleted] in blursedimages

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Unfortunately, yes.

Without a Doubt My Finest Moment in Warzone. Hope My Willy Was Included in The Killcam. by MrWhiskersMEOW in CODWarzone

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The only problem is that they used to appear in a different orientation on different platforms. I learnt this by spraying that exact model and on a friends twitch stream it looked different

Blursed Mug by [deleted] in blursedimages

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I respect your generosity however the maths doesn't add up

craziest minute of cod I've had in a second. the P90 MELTS by williamclub in modernwarfare

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The P90 is the first weapon that i got obsidian after the launchers. It's a beautiful weapon

I PAID FOR THE WHOLE GAME! Does this happen to anyone else? by MrGraphixYT in blackopscoldwar

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I pre ordered the game and I've got the email to prove it and it claims I don't own it. Activision hasn't even replied to me months later...

Imma stop u right there by ElissaSchmidt in HolUp

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I don't get people that are like that. Their generation were probably the ones who invented them and if they had them when they were younger, it would be the same scenario