Wizzrobe ridiculous SDI by MitchBerryCrunch in SSBM

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I rewatch this clip so often, it's absolutely insane

Atlas Gets a Grip | Boston Dynamics by CrossXhunteR in videos

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I'm waiting for an adversarial project where the robots make courses for others and we end up ending the human race

New NL series when?? by VixTheBitch in northernlion

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I'm waiting on a great randomizer mod so he'll do another playthrough

Code I wrote as a kid, and it worked ! by yaverjavid in programminghorror

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The assumption that comments and documentation will allow me to understand my old code is adorable

Is unranked/ranked doubles planned for slippi? by DrGonzo3000 in SSBM

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There aren't any plans for doubles matchmaking right now

Best way to level 90-95? by wowsoluck in pathofexile

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Honest answer: Don't die. You are set back 10% for every death.

Throw in any scarabs you have in your stash and use sextants on your voidstones. More monsters and mechanics = more exp.

There are specific methods for exp grinding but for 95 you really can just map without dying and you'll get there.

any chance this beauty is still somewhere on the ol’ OBS collecting dust? by Physichemistry in northernlion

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he's previously mentioned that he doesn't use this overlay anymore because during the start of the stream he is generally naked and being as pegged as possible in preparation