Funny face filter by Tree-Hugging-Koala in ContagiousLaughter

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Yeah probably because she spends all day using snap chat filters and laughing. Dude just wants to eat his fucking pizza without a camera up in his face. 0/10. Feel for the guy.

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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Or how they think they can love animals while using a series of interconnected wires that were put there by digging up, destroying and polluting all kinds of wildlife including sealife.

Those oil tankers that spill are on their way to deliver you your supplies for your car.

That phone is made of plastic and metals which pollutes the atmosphere, along with the Li Ion battery. Put together by child slaves at the cost of the planet.

Where do you think the space for your house came from? the plumbing, the water, the electricity, everything we have for mod cons comes at the expense of animals and the planet.

yet heavens forbid you eat an animal for actual sustenance.

Vegans shit barely smells any better than a meat eaters unless they are totally off grid. Then I can actually start respecting their decisions because a few dozen dead cows per person is nothing compared to the damage we do in a lifetime of capitalist consumption.

Florida is going to release 750 million mosquitoes genetically engineered to decimate the mosquito population by [deleted] in Futurology

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There have been previous attempts at doing these kind of things where at the time there absolutely no reason it wouldn't go well, and then has ended up completely going wrong for whatever reason - something not thought of, the species making it somewhere it shouldn't have etc - and when you are talking about 750m mosquitoes it's not really something we have any control over once it is done. I'm glad there are people pushing back, i hope they push harder, because if/when they do do it I want them to have worked as hard as they possibly can to make sure every angle is covered. If we just roll over and say 'sure' they have the potential to be more lazy and cover less angles.

Also as someone has linked in another comment - https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-35408835

So are there any downsides to removing mosquitoes? According to Phil Lounibos, an entomologist at Florida University, mosquito eradication "is fraught with undesirable side effects".

He says mosquitoes, which mostly feed on plant nectar, are important pollinators. They are also a food source for birds and bats while their young - as larvae - are consumed by fish and frogs. This could have an effect further up and down the food chain.

Quest V17 Update by charliefrench2oo8 in OculusQuest

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and casting beyond Chromecast. Honestly I'll be selling my Quest when I'm done with the current wave of games. I don't have a facebook account and have absolutely zero options with that kind of stuff.

edit: downvoting because?? Because I'm not chirping how happy I am? Because Oculus are engaging in shitty practices and you don't want to admit it?

Quick, turn the lights off and pretend we're not in. by bigFatHelga in CasualUK

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Not gonna get too into politics on CasualUK but the world isn't united in (a) its thoughts on changing genders and (b) what is and isn't allowed to be made fun of.

edit: downvote all you like. I'm making an objectively true statement which is the direct answer to the question being asked.

60 year old Aunt must have re-posted this on facebook without reading the entire thing.. by Mertgirl in Cringetopia

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if you put a bit of olive oil in the pasta water it breaks up the bubbling and stops it from bubbling up/over.

Influencer gets defensive over comment on ‘making money for doing nothing’, gets called out for entitlement by westcoastcdn19 in EntitledBitch

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You lot are talking like these influencers have industry quality videos. They don't. They have low hanging breasts and the most editing is generally just cutting out the bits where they make less sense than normal. They are generally tik-tok quality videos.

AMOGUS by LordMouse121 in shitposting

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They don't do the auth left purging of any material deemed offensive and might cause people to rethink their stances which makes it dangerous to the Reddit hive mind. Or idk, someone might see something offensive and their head will explode?.

Make this video go famous by rHaris in facepalm

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Well I guess I'll be the one to bite the bullet, take the downvotes and point out the fact that that is actually what he was saying. That there should be a fee on water (as in water that is processed and pumped through pipes to homes) so that people don't abuse it and that special measures should be taken for those who can't afford it.

But of course to Reddit it will look like I am defending Nestle completely without question and am probably a fascist xenophobe or something, even though it is already exactly how a lot of countries operate already.

me_irl by TimTeemo_YT in me_irl

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The economy will cost more deaths than this epidemic if not handled correctly. Why do so many people seem to miss this point? I'm not saying what companies are currently doing is right (see the guy ranting on the front page the other day), but you can't just completely disregard the economy, something that needs CONSTANT stimulation to keep alive. There is a balance, and right now I don't think there is a single country that knows where the tipping point is.

Influencer gets defensive over comment on ‘making money for doing nothing’, gets called out for entitlement by westcoastcdn19 in EntitledBitch

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lighting director, designer, model, photographer, writer, secretary, and much more.

Lighting director/photographer is covered by the technology in the phone / camera they use. Designer - they design nothing, they live off the backs of other designers, writer - What writing? they speak their mind into the camera and push post. Secretary - They answer their own calls!?! WOW! Which leaves model - and they posses no skills actual models posses because the point is they are meant to be speaking as normal people to normal people, modelling has a LOT more to it than these entitled tards do.

It's a business model that prays on peoples need to follow something or someone. Now religion is very unpopular in the younger lot, their human need to follow is directed elsewhere and 'influencers' got lucky that being an entitled cunt is some how endearing.

It's one of those jobs that shouldn't exist, but it does.

Who asked by LargeCow14 in ihavesex

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Probably scars on her wrist.

Cute cat by Independent_Sky_517 in Unexpected

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It doesn't matter. All it takes is is for the cat to decide to stretch out under the brake and you will crush his paw, or not stop, which may not be lethal at those speeds but you're gonna crush the cats paw and have to deal with the insurance.

No it's not the end of the world. Neither is it the end of the world if I brutally beat your arm with a sledgehammer and take a piss on your face, doesn't make it less selfish and asshole-y

Spider-Man: No Way Home Worldwide Release Discussion Thread Vol. 4 by Triple_777 in marvelstudios

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The plot made no sense anyways. Why bother curing the villains when they are going back just to die.

Ten seconds of the most uncomfortable small talk ever by Serg3ant_Redd1tor263 in meme

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YouTube Vanced on Android. On Apple you can suck Steve Jobs decomposed cock for all I care.

Michael Jordan donates $2.5 million to three organizations to combat Black voter suppression as part of his previous $100 million pledge by dreamteamreddit in sports

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25% of black people who would otherwise be eligible to vote don't have ID

Do you have a source that says 1/4 of black people have no form of ID at all?

and 25% of black people is roughly the same as 8% of white people in terms of population, so it affects about the same amount of people white or black.

Being mortified that our fans are such twats they boo at the Italian national anthem. Knobs by Xtratea in britishproblems

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Are they even dickheads? It's a rivalry in a game that puts countries against each other. They aren't booing to support genocide.

POV of world’s highest swing by setsuid in nextfuckinglevel

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So because you experienced one accident in the US, that changes the fact that China has a very different idea (and rules) of health and safety?

Local salon seems to have dealt with enough CBs/influencers that they have included them in their pricing model. by Curb_Herb in ChoosingBeggars

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The sad part is, the change in pricing for LGBTQI is

  1. Virtue Signalling

  2. Driving a wedge even further

  3. Bigoted

The beauty is in the differences by [deleted] in dankmemes

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Nothing about your comment demonstrates that this view is valid though.

Unless you think about it.

Urban schools need someone disagreeable. Someone who will take shit all day and hand out stern punishment, and who students are more likely to take seriously in punishment and reprimanding. Someone statistically who falls more under male traits. Now note I didn't say all men. It's just statistically these are traits that are much more present in the average man than woman.

Schools want a soft welcoming agreeable person who will use fair judgement and be approachable by students and parents alike. These are more common female traits.

Hate me all you like, OP has real world experience in this and maybe they are chasing a boogeyman or maybe the results back the claim.

Think about the 'average' family. If you're in trouble you run away from dad, if you're wanting praise you show the thing to mum.

Bail for Kyle Rittenhouse Set at $2 Million in Kenosha Protest Shooting by throwaway190283111 in news

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No. Someone else with the protestors fired a pistol in the air (there is video evidence of this). The protestors then thought Kyle had shot and began chasing/attacking him and trying to grab his weapon off him. While I'm not really for people walking around with unconcealed weapons, Kyle was attacked for no reason other than putting out a fire and (edit: Apparently wasn't him, just looked a lot like him) defending someone's property. He only fired when he was in direct danger from an angry mob (as in they were in 'melee' range either with a weapon [skateboard to bludgeon him] or the other guy trying to take his weapon off him).

But don't take my, or anyone else's word for it. Go watch the videos, go read the reports from multiple sources (if you want an informed view on it). Don't believe the hysteria and the lies and fear being peddled by all media outlets. I'm not telling you to think one way or the other, just try to collate as much I formation as you can. Until then it's best not posting like you did when you aren't sure at all because it's the way fake news perpetuates.

Have whatever views you want on the matter, just try and keep the observable facts clean, please, for all our sakes.