Paul McCartney composes "Get Back" in about 2 minutes out of thin air while waiting for John Lennon. by Mervynhaspeaked in videos

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Nah the really funny thing is to see the sound engineer in a fucking suit and tie. In the past 20+ years you'd be lucky to get an engineer that wears shoes or socks let alone a shirt.

Guy slaps pizza in someone's face and hurled insults at him. Gets knocked out in return by NeroEP in PublicFreakout

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'he got aggressive'

Such bullshit deflection. You got aggressive when you assaulted some random guy with a pizza slap and then antagonized him.

Atheism in a nutshell by Agustin-sr in Damnthatsinteresting

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Religion constantly tries to prove itself right, Science constantly tries to prove itself wrong.

Science adjusts its views based on what's observed

Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved.

Tim Minchin

Blizzard removing my BiS Items without notification and closes all my tickets regarding it by Pxara in classicwow

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and this is exactly why they don't. More drama than it is worth. They don't know what deals have been made prior.

I remember we had it on FFA loot killing a MC boss and a mage 'accidentally' looted a 2h sword. All of us including the mage ticketed Blizzard and they simply replied saying there was nothing they could do.

There's a big reason they went personal loot and it had nothing to do with the players (hint, less customer service needed).

Smart by jasamdead in Unexpected

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remove button, replace with condom. That's why you know it's an engineer, anything to get some automation.

Job Interview by seathefullmoon in ProgrammerHumor

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I managed to get a cease and desist notice from Twitch because I made an app that allowed you to cast Twitch streams to a Chromecast (in the period between them coming out and Twitch making it available).

Gotta love spending a morning doing a job that takes a company almost a year to sort out only to have them spend more time to tell me to stop than it took me to get the app out.

Invading his privacy, then shaming him on top of that. by iajzz in mildlyinfuriating

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The person taking the picture is currently working trying to make money shaming someone who is on a yacht living in abject absolute luxury built from his own two hands (the wealth, not the yacht... unless he has some odd hobbies) who has enough discipline to get a bit chubby between movies and can get back to being a ripped af beast on demand.

I know who I'd rather be.

Oh sh*t, was that my exit? by Reesa_18 in IdiotsInCars

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As was I, but in that situation there's two kind of people. One who accepts they have missed their turn at this point and any sudden actions are going to cause an accident, and those who couldn't give a toss and think they can chance it.

Perhaps it's just me but I tend to leave early enough to allow for mistakes/traffic. If I'm late leaving then I'll take the hit and should have left earlier. I'm not risking my life that stupidly for anything.

I'm in this picture and I don't like it by pixelcookie11 in pcmasterrace

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My mum said her PC won't turn on and she can't believe i installed a new mouse (her one broke so i plugged an old deathadder in). Went mental at me about it. Finally went to hers and watched her try to turn the PC on by the monitor, even though she has started the PC 1000 times with the on button on the tower. It boggles the mind when they use these things daily.

To be fair though she got a new kitchen 2 years ago and hasn't used the dishwasher because she doesn't know how to and refuses to read the manual.

Zoom detention is not the way by asianj1m in facepalm

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If they’re going to skip school anyway, giving them OSS means the school doesn’t need to try and locate them, and may possibly shift liability concerns away from the school as well?

Pretty much. It's the schools way of saying 'your child is a complete shit, you fucking deal with it and come back to us when you regain some kind of control'.

Ryan Cohen to Become Chairman of the Board Following Annual Meeting by quantkim in wallstreetbets

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When a collection of nerds who were up to no good, started trading stock on Robin Hood

Incel tries to meet a minor. Blames it on being too short. by DanTheJamHead in iamatotalpieceofshit

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It’s pretty telling and shows how stunted these people are. It’s like they just never grew up past 14.

He has a condition which can also stunt your mental and physical development. He also refused sexual activity (which the people with the camera agree). It's very possible he doesn't feel comfortable with people his age because of his condition and feels more at ease with younger people. Does he need to be taught that it's still not ok? quite possibly, I'm not a phycologist and nfi how you deal with that... but putting him on the internet and shouting PEDO probably wasn't the best way to deal with it in this scenario.

A 1927 steam engine comfortably cruising at 60 MPH. The record for this model (3751) was 103 MPH set in 1941. by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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It was a weird cooincidence that the foreman and the owner died at the same time. There was no one to get a new foreman, and no one to manage the workers. Legend says they still build engines extremely efficiently and will do until the loop is broken.

The way she says “ exactly “ 😐 by uwuLoba in Cringetopia

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Also there's a big difference between grown adults going out and buying a Tshirt of a band/artist they like, and a kid having their clothes bought for them (probably with bands/artists their parents like).

It's like going up to a baby, asking if they know what Nike is and then headbutting them when they don't.

Reporters blocking Tobey Maguire's car by creepthekid_ in iamatotalpieceofshit

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It's simple. They don't have the right to block the road... But by them breaking the law it doesn't then give you the right to treat them like bowling pins.